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PHOTOS — Our Favorite Model Claudia Romani Goes Topless!


PHOTOS — Our Favorite Model Claudia Romani Goes Topless!

Claudia Romani

Fun and flirty Italian model Claudia Romani is everything we love about South Florida! (via Instagram)

MIAMI BEACH — There’s no one we love more than Claudia Romani and we have to admit we love her best when she’s topless.

Lucky us, she’s lost her top twice this week!

The first was in a Miami Beach shoot where she posed in the grassy sand wearing a pair of sneakers. Her top was around her waist and she covered her lovely lady parts with her well-manicured hands.

Claudia Romani

We’re not really sure why Claudia Romani’s topless, but we’re sure glad she is! (via Instagram)

Then, today the South Beach staple posted a picture of herself topless on a boat in Malta. Lucky girl.

And lucky us!

Claudia Romani

Move over Claudia, we want to join you! (via Instagram)

But lest you think this model is all about surface beauty, last week Romani became an ambassador for Nonairbrushed Me, which is just what it sounds like: an organization “supporting and empowering women to support their authentic beauty.”

Their Instagram feed is filled with non-traditional beauties, like plus-size women and even one with only one arm. Needless to say, Romani’s inclusion did ruffle quite a few feathers.

Claudia Romani

Romani is a non-traditional non-traditional beauty, meaning she’s pretty hot! (via Instagram)

Booksnsnakes wrote: “Her page is full of pictures of her T&A and there’s no cellulite, she’s not “curvy” and she isn’t “old.” This is a step too far for this page IMO… I’m about to unfollow. I feel like the original message is being lost.”

Leave it to 2018 to criticize someone for not having cellulite or being old.

Romani had this to say: “I’m curvy and criticized on a daily basis because I don’t fit the stereotypical model standards … but I’m not curvy enough to be an ambassador for real women. I think every look, shape, size should be accepted and loved cause everyone is unique and has a story to tell. I’ll deal with it but it is sad there is prejudice from every side.”

Claudia Romani

And if there’s going to be prejudice, we’d like it to be from this side (via Instagram)

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