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Disgraced Former Dolphins Coach Chris Foerster Hopes For A Comeback!


Disgraced Former Dolphins Coach Chris Foerster Hopes For A Comeback!

Chris Foerster

Chris Foerster’s hoping for a comeback (Miami Dolphins photo)

MIAMI — Former Miami Dolphins assistant coach Chris Foerster, who resigned after a video of him snorting cocaine surfaced, is out of rehab and hoping to resume his career as an offensive line coach.

Foerster, who entered rehab on Oct. 9, the same day he resigned, took part in a 60-day program for drug and alcohol addiction. He has admitted to abusing alcohol for roughly 30 years. Now living in an outpatient facility, he undergoes drug testing twice a week.

The former coach says he began using cocaine after a stint with the San Francisco 49ers in 2015 as a way to keep “the party going.” He recognizes that the drug “put the accelerator on” his inevitable downfall.

The infamous video, which was released by Kijuana Nige, a girlfriend of Foerster who he met through an ad when the Dolphins relocated to California during Hurricane Irma, was filmed during a nine-day cocaine binge. Nige says she went public with the footage because of the NFL’s response to players kneeling during the national anthem.

Chris Foerster

What’s that white powder Chris Foerster is snorting through a $20? (via YouTube)

“My motive was to basically expose the inequalities in the system,” she said at the time. “It’s not just the NFL. The inequalities that come with being a minority compared with a white privileged person in America in general. This is shining light on the inequalities we have as a country. We don’t get paid the same amount as everyone else.”

Foerster told, “I was to the point where I was just praying to God, I want this stuff out. Not like exposed, but I want this out of my life. I can’t do this anymore. All this s— I had going on outside of work, I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to drink anymore. I don’t want to use anymore. And sure enough, two weeks later, the video came out. So you can say it’s divine intervention. It wasn’t the way I saw everything leaving my life like that. But I knew it was coming. At 55 years old, man, I just couldn’t do this anymore.”

Chris Foerster

Chris Foerster had a tough wake-up call (via YouTube)

Foerster, who says he has no unrealistic expectations about being hired as a coach again, is willing to work at any level.

“Is that going to be on the high school level? The college level? Is it never going to be again? Then maybe it’s never again. I had 25 years in the league and 10 in college. I’ve been blessed. I made a terrible mistake and I’m responsible for it, and I didn’t go to treatment because I wanted to get my job back,” he said. “I knew this s— was out of control. It’s been the most humbling experience. But it’s what I needed.”

Foerster, who has three adult children, says he has tried making amends with his family. Though his daughter visited him while he was in rehab, she hasn’t spoken to him much since. His son has so far refused to forgive his father.

“He feels betrayed, like I’m a big liar,” Foerster said. “And I was. I am. I was exposed for the fraud that I am by this woman. And I’ve exposed myself. I didn’t want to live that life anymore.”

While in treatment, Foerster completed an exercise in which he was asked to list the consequences of his addiction.

“The No. 1 consequence for me is I have a chance to fix my life,” he said. “I have a chance to get well, I have a chance to get right, I have a chance to get better, I have a chance to try to repair relationships that may be destroyed and ruined for the rest of my life. But I have a chance to get it right, man. And I’m sincere in that.”

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