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Sir Michael Caine Sells Miami Beach Condo, Makes $3.45 Million!


Sir Michael Caine Sells Miami Beach Condo, Makes $3.45 Million!

Michael Caine

Michael Caine has just sold this condo for $7.45 million (MLS photo)

MIAMI BEACH — Legendary actor Sir Michael Caine, late of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films and Interstellar, is bidding farewell to Miami Beach with the sale of his luxury condo at a huge profit.

Caine, who purchased the home for $4 million in 2008, originally listed the property at $8.7 million in June of 2017 after concluding that he and wife Shakira Caine simply weren’t spending enough time in Miami. The condo  at 800 South Pointe Drive recently sold for $7.45 million, less than the actor initially hoped for, but still far above the original purchase price.

Micheal Caine

Michael Caine just wasn’t spending enough time in Miami Beach to justify the condo (Splash News photo)

Caine, 84, has been married to Shakira for 45 years this year, and has been quoted as saying, “The secret of a good marriage is two bathrooms.” The highly-respected actor clearly puts his money where his mouth is, since the Miami Beach condo has 3.5! Additionally, it has four bedrooms and one very unusual amenity: a private, home theater screening room complete with posters and cushy furniture.

Coming in at 4,154 square feet in total, the condo truly is the picture of luxury. It boasts floor-to-ceiling windows throughout that provide amazing views of the beach, the port and the palm-tree-dotted landscape.

Michael Caine

A screening room to binge watch the Dark Knight movies! (MLS photo)

An indoor kitchen features a beautiful marble island as its centerpiece with an elegant dining table cut into the side from the lower right corner in an innovative and practical design. Plush seats encircle the table, with the surrounding kitchen drenched in mahogany accents.

A “summer kitchen” can be found as well under shelter on the outdoor deck space.

Michael Caine Miami Beach

Michael Caine made a mint selling his Miami Beach condo! (MLS photo)

The bathrooms are no less remarkable, with glass-enclosed, full-body showers with various options and shower heads, together with a Jacuzzi in the corner of the room.

The deep-pocketed buyer’s identity is not known, though one thing is for sure: he or she will certainly be enjoying the high life!

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