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LAWSUIT: Mrs. Florida 2016 Threatened Me With Louboutin Stiletto Heel!


LAWSUIT: Mrs. Florida 2016 Threatened Me With Louboutin Stiletto Heel!

Karyn Turk

Mrs. Florida Karyn Turk (via YouTube)

BOCA RATON — Mrs. Florida 2016 has just been sued by the ex-wife of her husband, a well-known lawyer, and the defamation lawsuit makes The War of The Roses look like a skirmish.

Meredith Turk, 39, a preschool teacher in Boca Raton, claims in court papers that beauty queen Karyn Turk, 45, has threatened her with the stiletto heel of one of her Christian Louboutin pumps.

We kid you not!

Karyn, Meredith claims in her lawsuit, has been spreading on social media rumors that Meredith is a drug user who’s having sex with underage boys, records shows.

Things got so bad that, during the Christmas break, Meredith has filed an emergency petition for an injunction against the former Mrs. Florida who, she claims, is cyberstalking and harassing her.

The injunction is pending and a part of the lawsuit.

In her salacious filing Meredith, who is divorced from estate and trust lawyer Evan Turk, claims she was married and pregnant with one of their two children when Karyn had an affair with the 40-year-old Evan.

Meredith and Evan divorced in 2014, according to court records, and Evan took up almost immediately with Karyn.

Obviously, things between Meredith and Karyn have been tense for years, with the children’s drop-offs conducted in police stations.

Meredith claims in her petition for an injunction that Karyn is using multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts with thousands of followers to “intimidate, harass, embarrass … to intentionally cause great/extreme emotional distress” to Meredith.

What’s more, during a confrontation in November, Meredith claims Mrs. Florida 2016 took out one of her Christian Louboutin stilettos and threatened her with it.

Chrisian Louboutin

Christian Louboutins are pretty expensive weapons (

“It was a statement about class and envy,” Meredith’s lyrical petition reads. “While not orally stated, the situation is best summed up as follows: You are merely a pre-school teacher. I have your ex-husband and I can afford $1,000-plus shoes and therefore I am somehow more powerful and better than you in this society.”

According to Karyn’s lawyers, Meredith should not be entitled to the injunction.

As a matter of fact, it’s the teacher who’s been stalking the beauty queen, if you believe the response filed in court, and has used acquaintances’ names to enter the development where Karyn lives with her husband.

Besides, according to the response, Karyn is merely expressing an opinion in her social media posting, something that’s protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Said Corey Friedman, Meredith’s attorney: “There’s no jealousy here. My client just wants to be left alone.”

Karyn’s lawyer didn’t respond to a request for comment.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Freedom of Speech

    August 14, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    The Turks lawyer withdrew from this on going suit against and now Evan Turk is representing himself and his wife Karyn. According to public records it was displayed as evidence that it was Karyn Turk who was the aggressor in this dispute of posts on social media, calling the former Mrs. Turk the demeaning title “Granola” as she referred to Meredith Turk this name as she was “plain and nutty” in her own words.

    Karyn Turk has a pattern of behavior doing cyber bullying and attempting to use her husbands law firm to send out defamatory, threatening and intimating letters from an affiliate lawyer to squash anyone’s freedom of speech to opinions about politics and/or about her personally flaws which are many!

    You see even lawyers are not above the law whether married or not to their client! That alone seems to be a “conflict of interest” to me? Plus how can Ms. Karyn Turk go on a televised Podcast and belittle a pending lawsuit of slander against her and her husband/lawyer that is currently on going?

    Sounds like posturing and humility to me? I guess we just wait to find out the outcome of this case. My opinion is Ms Karyn Turks crown is a little rusty and needs some polishing. #justsaying

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