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VIDEO — Florida Driver Attacked by Cat, then Run Over by Her Own Car!


VIDEO — Florida Driver Attacked by Cat, then Run Over by Her Own Car!

COCOA — There was a time when the worst outcome a person had to worry about from feline interaction was possibly a bite or an extremely rare case of cat scratch fever. For a woman in Cocoa, though, things got decidedly more serious.

7A driver backing up on Magnolia Avenue on Friday had the strange experience of a cat leaping into her car and violently attacking her. As she labored to escape the surly feline’s claws, she fled her car and—in her haste—neglected to realize that she’d left the vehicle in reverse. As she darted behind it, she was promptly run over by her own car.

For any tempted to laugh at such a wild tale, it’s of note that—according to Florida Highway Patrol troopers—the woman actually incurred critical injuries from the vehicular mishap. She was placed by first responders onto a stretcher and taken away by helicopter for medical attention.

“It’s very unusual to have an animal leap into a car and bite somebody like this and then get run over by your own car,” said FHP Lieutenant Channing Taylor (or “Captain Obvious,” if you will), in perhaps the biggest understatement of 2018 so far.

“The car rolled into the street and did strike a parked vehicle as well,” Taylor went on.

FHP learned from neighborhood residents that several cats were kept in a nearby house, though their behavior was unremarkable and there had been no other such attacks.

Still no word on the whereabouts of the offending feline. If not apprehended, hopefully at least he/she will steer clear of any truck stops lest further, more serious vehicular chaos ensue.

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