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RAP MOGUL Avoids Foreclosure On One Of Florida’s Biggest Homes!


RAP MOGUL Avoids Foreclosure On One Of Florida’s Biggest Homes!

Ronald "Slim" Williams birdman house

Ronald “Slim” Williams nearly lost this 34,000-square-foot house (via YouTube)

WESTON — While rap mogul Bryan “Birdman” Williams is facing the foreclosure of his $14.5 million on Miami Beach’s Palm Island, his brother and co-founder of their music-pushing business has just staved off an attempt by his neighborhood association in Broward to seize his mansion.

Ronald “Slim” Williams, Birdman’s big brother, happens to own one of Florida’s largest single-family houses.

At 34,000 square feet, give or take a few, Slim’s Weston behemoth even beats the home that Miami Marlins owner and retired New York Yankees star Derek Jeter had built in Tampa.

But unlike Jeter, Slim allegedly fails to keep up with some bills, and the Windmill Ranch Estates Maintenance Association filed for foreclosure in August.


The neat-lawn commandoes claimed Slim wasn’t keeping up with his $1,734-quarterly fees – yep, $1,734 — for things like the neighborhood’s manned gate inside an already gated area, and asked that he pay $9,000 worth of unpaid fees.

Ronald Slim Williams

Ronald “Slim” Williams is not amused (Splash News photo)

Slim’s response?

No response, until the association filed for foreclosure.

It’s not that Slim can’t fish a few thousand dollars from his pockets.

After all, the Cash Money recording company he started with Birdman in 1991 produced the likes of Lil Wayne and Drake and Nicki Minajand Tyga.

He also plunked down $7 million for the crib at 3305 Fairfield Lane in 2012 like it was nothing.

So, cooler heads prevailed and Slim finally paid since, last week, the association agreed to dismiss the foreclosure case.

The association’s lawyer had no comment. Slim did not hire a lawyer and couldn’t be reached.



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