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Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh’s Drug Criminal Mom Arrested for Holding Disabled Man as Slave!


Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh’s Drug Criminal Mom Arrested for Holding Disabled Man as Slave!

Frieda Bosh

Chris Bosh’s mama has gotten herself into hot water (handout)

DESOTO, Texas — More troubling news out of Texas has arisen for former Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh, again in connection with his property where his mother resides.

Earlier in December, police conducted a raid on the property based on the belief that illegal drugs were being distributed. The raid uncovered drug paraphernalia and police suspect the home of fronting drug trafficking (specifically heroin and cocaine).

As unseemly as drug crimes may be, though, they take a far backseat to the exploitation of a disabled person.

Chris Bosh

Seriously? Exploiting a disabled person is low and Chris Bosh doesn’t want his mama in his house! (Splash News photo)

That, however, is the latest charge (as of this week) against Frieda Bosh, the 58-year-old mother of Chris. Per the warrant, Frieda and prior tenant Johnathan Brown used a disabled man who also lived at the property for “monetary profit, personal benefit, and gain.”

Of course, it all ties back to the drug crimes: The unnamed disabled man—who suffers from depression and PTSD—is alleged to have been used to deliver the narcotics under threats.

Brown perhaps was the mastermind; according to police, Frieda permitted the exploitation at the property in return for free drugs from Brown.

Adding insult to injury, Frieda allegedly forced her disabled tenant to pay a significant portion of his disability allowance to her each month and to perform chores around the house in addition to his drug services.

Frieda has denied the drug allegations, but Chris apparently was convinced and attempted to evict his mother from the $330,000 house.

This is a home that my son and I built together 12 years ago,” Frieda said at the time.

Chris won the case to evict his mother in October, but she prevailed on appeal.

Frieda was unable to stop her son, however, from revoking his power of attorney that named her as his agent; the document previously allowed her to make large purchases—ostensibly on his behalf—using his considerable assets.

He should probably count himself lucky that she didn’t try to make him pay rent or clean the toilets.

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