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VIDEOS — Florida Instagram Star Wins Jackass Of The Year Award!


VIDEOS — Florida Instagram Star Wins Jackass Of The Year Award!


One look at Boonk and his antics and it’s impossible not to wonder: “What is this world coming to?” (via Instagram)

MIAMI GARDENS — With a whopping 4 million followers on Instagram, 21-year-old John Robert Hill (a.k.a. “Boonk”) is a sterling example of someone who’s found encouragement for undesirable behavior.

Hill and a handful of associates—known as the “Boonk Gang”—have adopted the unwise practice of recording themselves committing petty crimes and posting the videos on Instagram.

The young would-be rapper hails from Florida, and recently took his show on the road so to speak and began indulging in the same sort of antics in Los Angeles.

Hill and his friends specialize in thievery (stealing items such as jewelry, tennis shoes, headphones and even iPhones), but have found time for the occasional act of vandalism as well. In an act of inventive audacity, Hill even stole a tattoo, fleeing the business site with a new (unpaid for) design recently applied to his neck.

Hill records his getaways, which always include his bellowed catchphrase “Boonk gang! Whole lotta gang shit!”

Boonk and company have been at it since April, and among the establishments they’ve victimized are Walmart, Dunkin’ Donuts, Popeyes and Walgreens.

Hill also has a penchant for destroying displays. He has wreaked havoc in both supermarkets and department stores and—on a field trip to Manhattan—wrecked a street vendor’s table. In a recent video, he threw stacks of dollar bills in the air and tackled a Christmas tree in Target.

As one might expect, this sort of behavior has led to a lengthy rap sheet. A proud juvenile delinquent, Hill experienced his first adult arrest in September of 2014 (just after he turned 18) for stealing clothes from a Jacksonville Walmart. In 2016, he was arrested again for violating the terms of his probation and failing to pay associated fines and fees.

In one widely-viewed video from May, Hill was arrested for stealing doughnuts from a Miami Gardens Dunkin’ Donuts. As though simple theft were not enough, Boonk leapt over the establishment’s counter while smoking a blunt.

“I’m the fucking savage!” he declared repeatedly.

In a similar incident at a Broward County Chick-fil-A, Hill leaped behind the counter, pulled off his shirt and—per the inevitable court records—“smashed two milkshakes over his chest” and “threw two more milkshakes on the floor, took his shorts off and began to slide in the milkshakes on the floor.”

With his unending string of misdeeds and probation violations, Hill eventually found things too hot in Florida, prompting him to move on.

“I’m wanted right now in Miami,” he said. “I ain’t going back to Florida.”

In his short time in L.A., the young rapper has already managed to get arrested twice. To law enforcement, he offered the following in response:

“To all the motherfucking police officers that’s looking at this shit, you’re not gonna stop me from making my money…Fuck the police.”

And make money he does; Hill recently bought a BMW, and has leveraged his Instagram fame into a cash cow for sponsored posts.

Sadly, just more evidence that sometimes crime does pay.

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