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“THAT’S MY CHILD!” — Man Offers $10,000 Reward To Get Back Stolen Monkey!


“THAT’S MY CHILD!” — Man Offers $10,000 Reward To Get Back Stolen Monkey!

Carl Minix and Henry

Carl Minix can’t bear to be without Henry (Courtesy of Carl Minix)

SOUTHWEST RANCHES — Broward County saw a kidnapping of an unusual nature on Thursday. The abductee? A 3-month-old capuchin monkey named Henry.

Henry’s owner, Carl Minix, returned home to his Southwest Ranches home late after dinner to find the small simian had been taken from a bedroom window by an intruder.

That’s my child,” a distraught Minix said. “I mean, I worked a long time to be able to get him, and it wasn’t an easy task.”

Minix wasn’t overstating things. Florida law stipulates that to keep an animal like Henry, you have to have a permit and 1,000 hours of relevant care experience.

Given the significant investment in time and his emotional bonding with the animal, Minix wasn’t about to take the disappearance lying down. The bereft monkey-dad promptly put forward an offer of a $10,000 reward for information leading to Henry’s return, and even hired a pet detective. (Yes, it really is a thing and isn’t just in Jim Carrey movies.)

“He’s still missing,” Minix’s detective Jamie Katz updated on Monday. Katz relayed that dogs were able to pick up Henry’s scent in two places on Sunday, but still couldn’t track him down.

“Scent and Henry are two different things,” Katz explained. “He could’ve been there and then been taken elsewhere.”

One of the locations Katz and the dogs pinned down was in Davie. The occupant was an animal breeder who worked with some 30 monkeys, though Henry was not present. Whether the dogs caught a whiff of some of the other monkeys and were thrown off-track isn’t known.

On social media, not everyone treated Henry’s disappearance with the seriousness Minix felt it deserved, and he lashed out at the haters on Facebook on Sunday.

Carl Minix and Henry

They call it monkey love!
(Courtesy of Carl Minix)

“I pray none of you and your nasty judgements and comments have someone violate you in your own home, and take the most precious thing you own, just because they think they can. And than watch you suffer waiting till to find something out,” he posted. “I pray none of you ever have this happen. So keep your judgements when your heart is broken and your [sic] left wondering who could be so cruel.”

Katz has requested that she be contacted with any information about Henry at (844) 411-5289.

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