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St. Lucie County Commissioner Tod Mowery Resigns After Getting Caught With His Pants Down!


St. Lucie County Commissioner Tod Mowery Resigns After Getting Caught With His Pants Down!

Tod Mowery

Tod Mowery has resigned from his position as St. Lucie County Commissioner (St. Lucie County photo)

PORT ST. LUCIE — Republican St. Lucie County Commissioner Tod Mowery has resigned amid accusations of engaging in an extramarital affair with Sharon Villasuso, the wife of local firefighter Peter Villasuso.

Mowery’s mea culpa came yesterday after two weeks of controversy surrounding his actions while serving on the county Fire District board.

“I have realized that working through deeply private issues while maintaining public office is neither in the best interests of my family and those I care about, nor St. Lucie County,” Mowery said in his resignation letter to Gov. Rick Scott.

“This decision has been a most difficult one to reach. I ask forgiveness of any transgressions I’ve made and commit myself to being the person God intended me to be. I apologize to my family, my fellow commissioners and to the citizens of this community who have elected me twice to this office.”

Mowery’s resignation from his $79,520 a year job comes two weeks after Peter Villasuso wrote letters to Gov. Rick Scott and the Fire District Administration publicly accused Mowery of having an affair with his wife, Sharon Villasuso, when Mowery was serving on the Fire District Board.

Sharon Villasuso and Peter Villasuso

Sharon Villasuso and Peter Villasuso, in happier times (via Facebook)

He wrote that Mowery “Not only shows callous disregard for the sanctity of marriage, but also shows his breach of fiduciary duty to the firefighters of the fire district.”

And,  “Commissioner Mowery has destroyed the trust and confidence of my fellow first-responders. How can a firefighter go to work on a 24-hour shift knowing that a Fire Board member may be at his or her home having an affair with their spouse?”

Can’t argue with that.

Sharon Villasuso and Peter Villasuso

Sharon Villasuso and Peter Villasuso (via Facebook)

Villasuso followed up that letter with two more to the county commissioners and the Republican Party of St. Lucie County just before Thanksgiving.

The Treasure Coast has been rocked by scandal as of late.

Last Tuesday, Martin County Commissioner Ed Fielding and former commissioner Anne Scott were put in cuffs on charges of violating Florida’s public-records law, while Commissioner Sarah Heard was caught in a similar circumstance. Seems like Christmas brings out the best in everyone.

The Villasusos, who have been married for 20 years, have three young children.

Sharon Villasuso and Peter Villasuso with their three children at the beach (via Facebook)

Sharon Villasuso’s Twitter name is “SharonForJesus.” Her husband has sung her praises in print before and, in a article about their child’s autism, wrote: “I’ve broken hearts and had mine stepped on a few times. But, that was all part of God’s plan for me to meet the right girl in Sharon. I was a volunteer firefighter in Alachua County but never got hired until Sharon came along. She made me a better man and I got myself the badge.”

Sharon wrote: “I have been greatly blessed by being able to stay home and dedicate myself to my husband and children. I’m so grateful that God has made a way for me to be able to be at home and that I have the loving support of my husband to do so.”

Facebook posts show the Villasusos attended Donald Trump’s inauguration togther.

Former commissioner Mowery is also married and has two children. He’s married to a local teacher, Deborah who’s a former combat medic.

Tod Mowery and family in a campaign ad (VarityBrand photo

Mowery is a deacon at his church where his wife coordinates the children’s ministry.

Republican Mowery has been County Commissioner since November 2010, when he replaced Democrat Doug Coward, who chose not to pursue re-election. Mowery won again in 2014 against Democrat Patrick Campion.

Mowery independently owns and operates Redtail DG Inc., a landscape, architecture and land-planning business. No word on whether home-wrecking is one of their services.



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