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EXCLUSIVE — On The Sixth Day Of Christmas, The Sun Sentinel Sent To Me … Six Faithful Workers Axed!


EXCLUSIVE — On The Sixth Day Of Christmas, The Sun Sentinel Sent To Me … Six Faithful Workers Axed!

Sun Sentinel

Seven workers were laid off by the Sun Sentinel just days before Christmas (Sun Sentinel photo)

FORT LAUDERDALE — Classless Sun Sentinel bosses canned at least five reporters and a researcher last night in what they claim is a “reorganization” of the newsroom.

And this time head stool pigeon Howard Saltz, who claims to be the dying newspaper’s publisher, didn’t cut the fat.

He didn’t cut the bone.

He started sucking out the bone marrow, and essentially gutted the paper’s Palm Beach County operation at a time when the county’s own alleged media are derelict in their coverage.

We asked Saltz why the Sun Sentinel‘s rudderless parent company thought it was proper to cut folks right before Christmas after taking on $30 million in debts to buy New York’s Daily News and spending hundreds of thousands on consultants who changed the name of the legacy Tribune Publishing company to the ridiculous tronc.

tronc swings axe at New York Daily News

Unsurprisingly, Saltz is as silent about the cuts as he was when bad personal investments led to a bankruptcy that cost banks close to $4 million.

The Sun Sentinel is trying to keep a tight lid on the shameful moves, but we hear those who were told to clean their desks and ordered to sign confidentiality agreements include folks who’ve been at the paper for more than 15 years, including senior reporter Mike Clary and Barbara Hijek, a top-notch researcher who occasionally wrote articles.

We hear the moves also affect the Sun-Sentinel Palm Beach County coverage, which at times put its Broward County coverage to shame. Gone are reporters Brooke Baitinger and Adam Sacasa.

We hear the cuts include one more reporter from a sister publication and transportation and tourism reporter Arlene Satchell, who was called into the office while covering a story at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. Satchell didn’t even bother going back to the office to face the executioners.

After all, in a place with as little tourism as Fort Lauderdale, who needs a tourism and transportation reporter?




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