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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Drunk Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Captain AJ O’Laughlin Pees, Falls On Holding Cell Floor After DUI Arrest!

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Drunk Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Captain AJ O’Laughlin Pees, Falls On Holding Cell Floor After DUI Arrest!

AJ O'Laughlin

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Captain AJ O’Laughlin was arrested for DUI yesterday (PBSO photo)

BOYNTON BEACH —  After watching the Boynton Beach Police holding cell videos of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Capt. AJ O’Laughlin peeing on the floor and the door then falling from a bench and, eventually, sitting in his own bodily fluids, your might think twice about drinking and driving.

The humiliating footage and police reports obtained exclusively by Gossip Extra might also end the firefighting veteran’s career in the higher spheres of the local International Association of Firefighters as the man in the powerful position of legislative vice president and friend to many politicians.

O’Laughlin, 50, was arrested for DUI in the afternoon of Nov. 9 in Boynton Beach.

And as our two snippets from surveillance cameras below show, it’s amazing O’Laughlin was even able to start his pickup truck.

In the first, he is filmed trying to urinate in the holding cell toilet but misses the target. He then stops his flow, and walks a few steps to finish on the door:

The second one-minute footage shows O’Laughlin trying to sleep it off on a narrow bench.

In time, he falls and appears to hit his head on a wall. He stays on the floor and eventually ends up sitting in his own pee:

According to the police report, several motorists reported someone was driving a gray Ford pickup truck recklessly south on US 1 about 4 p.m. Nov. 9 in Boynton Beach.

One caller reported the driver going through a red light and nearly hitting a light pole.

Cops caught up with a truck that fit the 911 description and pulled it over. O’Laughlin, according to the report, was driving and alone. The officer smelled a “strong odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage” coming from inside the truck.

O’Laughlin’s speech was allegedly slurred and his eyes glossy, according to the report. He wasn’t wearing shoes and swayed from side to side when he exited the truck.

O’Laughlin, who lives in Port St. Lucie, refused to take the field sobriety tests, and was booked.

Cops found an open can of Bud light behind the driver’s seat and four pills in the center console. The name and brand of the medication are being withheld by police. Once at police headquarters, he also refused to submit breath samples for a Breathalyzer test, an automatic six-month suspension of his driver’s license.

A second report submitted by the police department states O’Laughlin showered officers for four-letter bombs and later became belligerent once he was placed into a holding cell.

Paramedics were called to the cell to treat O’Laughlin as he bled profusely. While he was treated, he told police officers standing by he’d have their jobs.

“By the time this is done, I’ll f… you in the b…,” he told a cop. “You’ll be s…… my d… while two officers hold your head.”

As the legislative vice president of the local chapter of the International Association of Firefighters, O’Laughlin is most involved with the political side of the pressure group. He is on a board that picks political endorsements like Melissa McKinlay for Palm Beach County Commissioner and Dave Aronberg for state attorney. The latter may have to ask the governor to assign the case to neighboring county because of potential conflicts of interest.

AJ O’Laughlin (middle), with Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw (left) and ladies at the recent Palm Beach Mayor’s Ball (Mike Jachles photo)

Over the years, O’Laughlin has built an impressive political Rolodex both locally and statewide.

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In August, O’Laughlin took to the stage of a rally and announced that the Palm Beach County chapter of the union had endorsed Adam Putnam for governor.

“On behalf of more than 2,500 firefighters and first responders in Palm Beach County, I’m proud to announce our endorsement of Adam Putnam for Governor,” O’Laughlin said at the August 17 event. “The most important responsibility of our state’s leadership is keeping our people safe, and he’ll make that the top priority. I know he’s got our backs, and we have his.”

Ironically, O’Laughlin was also on hand in April when Gov. Rick Scott declared the increased usage of opioids a health emergency.

“It’s not like a fire. You can’t stop it today,” O’Laughlin said. “This is a long-term epidemic. We’ve been through quaaludes, crack and flakka. It has to run its course. We have to have legislation that will stop it.”

O’Laughlin was not available for comment.



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