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Fort Lauderdale Megachurch Founder Bob Coy Accused Of Child Molestation


Fort Lauderdale Megachurch Founder Bob Coy Accused Of Child Molestation

Bob Coy Calvary Chapel

Wonder what God has to say about pastors like Bob Coy? (via YouTube)

FORT LAUDERDALE — Bob Coy, founder of the Calvary Chapel megachurch in Fort Lauderdale, has been accused of molesting a child.

The former Vegas strip club manager reportedly molested a young girl for years, beginning when the child was just four years old. The victim’s mother told the Coral Springs Police in 2015 that Coy had forced the girl to perform oral sex on him, had fingered and fondled her genitals, and engaged in “dirty talk.”

According to reports, no action was taken by law enforcement and the victim eventually dropped the charges, telling police she “found forgiveness” following an “experience with God.”

Coy resigned as pastor in 2014 after “confessing to a moral failing,” which allegedly involved an addiction to pornography and a series of affairs. He has refused to discuss the sex abuse charges, though he claimed to be innocent and even passed a polygraph test.

“I can’t discuss it on the record. If you’re foolish enough to go through with this story … it would hurt a lot of people,” he stated recently at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, a nightclub he was managing, but has since been fired from.

Coy, who was also a former record promoter for Capitol Records, told the Miami Herald in 2000 that he “medicated” with cocaine and alcohol while working in the music business.

“In the rock ’n’ roll scene, you meet people of power and influence and wealth, and they have the same kind of problems everybody else has,” he told the paper.

Calvary Chapel

Sure the congregants of Calvary Chapel would agree that not everyone gets accused of molesting little girls (via Calvary Chapel)

After a stint at the Jolly Trolley in Vegas, he “found religion,” got married and had two children.

This is not the first time the church has dealt with sexual abuse allegations.

In 2004, one of its ministers, Anthony Iglesias, was convicted of lewd conduct with two 14-year-old boys.

Michael Miller, a spokesperson for the megachurch, the largest in the state with over 10,000 active members, has stated, “Our church was saddened to hear of the allegations made against Bob Coy years after his resignation and departure as senior pastor.”

“We learned of this report after it was disclosed and reported to the appropriate authorities. We take every allegation of abuse seriously and our prayers are with all those involved as they pursue redemption and healing. Because this is a personal matter, any further questions would be best addressed to Bob Coy himself,” he added.

This statement contradicts the church’s opinion that “senior pastors should be answerable to God, not to a denominational hierarchy or board of elders.”

The church is also known for its homophobic views, having stated on its website that homosexuality “is a matter of the will and the freedom to make choices. Only through accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and being born again in Him, can any sinful tendencies be healed.”

The church has also stated that natural disasters, such as hurricanes, and 9/11 are God’s response against “homosexuality and abortion.” No mention of child molestation though.

One of the church members, Debbie Polcino, has defended Coy saying she believes he is “an anointed man.”

“You really felt like you were sitting there and he was talking directly to you,” she said. “Everyone loved him.”

Well, not everyone.



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