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FLORIDUH Woman At Walmart Self-Checkout Tries To Pass off $1,800 Of Goods For $3.70!


FLORIDUH Woman At Walmart Self-Checkout Tries To Pass off $1,800 Of Goods For $3.70!

Cheyenne West Walmart

Cheyenne West is accused of a pretty clever — and pretty sad — crime (Indian River County jail photo)

FORT PIERCE — Self-checkout lanes are bound to generate a certain amount of abuse from consumers trying to get away with something, but a woman at an Indian River County Walmart took it to the extreme.

Fort Pierce resident Cheyenne Amber West, a waitress by trade, attempted to waltz out of the department store Monday with $1,800 worth of electronics after paying a mere $3.70 at the register.

A Walmart loss prevention officer foiled her plan, stopping her as she and her mother attempted to exit the store.

The 25-year-old’s plan was not entirely ill-conceived, even if her execution of it left something to be desired. Not content with simply skipping the high-ticket items at the register, West was industrious enough to actually cover the items’ barcodes with stickers from items currently on sale at clearance and scan each item normally.

Nonetheless, the “purchase” of so many expensive items—including an HP gaming computer and video game controllers—caught the attention of store personnel.

“I am just trying to get gifts for my son that I cannot afford,” she explained to an arresting officer. “The computer is for my husband. Since he just got me a Coach purse, I figured he deserved something nice as well.”

Sound logic, perhaps, but clearly not a cause for which Walmart felt particularly obliged to donate.

Store video showed West changing the price tags; she was charged with misdemeanor shoplifting and felony grand theft, two bullets which her mother successfully dodged.

“I know what my daughter was doing, but I never walked out with anything, and she is just trying to get gifts for her son,” the mother told the arresting officer.

West is currently out on a $3,000 bond—considerably more than the cost of a Coach purse!

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