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Will Former Palm Beach Congressman Allen West Return To The House—From Texas??


Will Former Palm Beach Congressman Allen West Return To The House—From Texas??

Allen West

Is Allen West heading back to public life? (Special to Gossip Extra)

DALLAS — You may have thought that you’d heard the last of former U.S. Representative Allen West, who was voted into his one-and-only term in Congress for a Palm Beach/ Broward district during the Tea Party wave of 2010. However, recent scuttlebutt out of West’s new home of Dallas, Texas suggests that you may have to think again.

West fell out of the limelight when redistricting put him at a distinct disadvantage to his Democratic opponent. He attempted to run in the nearby District 18 which he perceived as being more Republican-friendly, but he was nonetheless defeated by Democrat Patrick Murphy.

Often described as an arch-conservative, the extremely right-wing West learned recently from a Texas Tribune reporter that Jeb Hensarling, the Republican who represents West’s current district, will not pursue re-election in Dallas.

“I didn’t move here to run for political office, but that’s some interesting news you just told me,” West replied to the reporter.

The former Congressman’s response led to speculation that he could make a 2018 House bid in his new district, though West has yet to comment directly on this himself.

What is Allen West planning? (via

Although he served in Congress only briefly, the retired U.S. Army colonel is not without political baggage. In a letter uncovered by Gossip Extra, West made—among other overtures—a series of odd demands to his wife Dr. Angela West, telling her, “From now on, you will wear two-piece swim suits when on vacations” and asking her, “Angela, I need to know, are you committed to being my porn star?”

West was insistent on the “porn star” point, elaborating: “God has authorized you and you only as my partner for intimacy and that is what I want.”

West’s sexual proclivities, however, are tame compared to the circumstances surrounding his exit from the military, which was preceded by his brutal interrogation of an Iraqi police officer at gunpoint; the officer was beaten by West’s men, and his life threatened. Then, while stateside in 2012, West discarded military papers bearing a veteran’s sensitive personal and medical information with his household trash, violating a number of regulations and laws.

In any event, it appears that—in this instance—Florida’s “loss” may be Texas’s “gain.”



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