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CHA-CHING! Miami Heat Great Wins Vending Machine Lawsuit!


CHA-CHING! Miami Heat Great Wins Vending Machine Lawsuit!

Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Mourning is about to get a lot of cash from a vending machine company! (via

MIAMI — Miami Heat legend Alonzo Mourning is about to get at $589,040 payday! A Miami-Dade County circuit court judge has sided with the player in his lawsuit against Gilly, a local vending machine giant.

Let’s hope they don’t pay him in quarters!

Last week, Judge Antonio Arzolo issued a judgment from the bench that found Gilly shortchanged Zo when it broke a five-year contract with him.

According to their contract, Gilly would use life-sized pictures of Mourning on its organic and health food-dispensing vending machine placed all  over the city.

Zo was to get $110,000 for the first year, 2015, and raises every year so that in 2019 he’d make $161,040. The contract was worth a grand total of $671,740

Gilly didn’t even pay the first year. After making three installments, only $82,000, it stopped paying.

Alonzo Mourning

Hey, it’s Alonzo Mourning in exactly the same pose on a Gilly vending machine! (via

Mourning sued to get the rest of his money.

Gilly’s lawyer, Barry Silverstein didn’t return a call and email for comment.

Mourning’s attorney, Scott Jay Feder had this to say:

“After two years of trying in every way to get this company to honor their contract, or resolve the matter in a reasonable fashion, only to be met with improper and unreasonable stonewalling every time, Mr. Mourning let the judicial system handle the dispute.  He is pleased that the judge recognized that he had fulfilled his contractual promises and that the company had dishonored their promises.”

In his judgment against Gilly, Arzolo called the vending company to the carpet for its tactics that included an “inappropriate attempt to delay” the proceedings.

In an attempt to defend itself, Gilly claimed that Mourning was the one in breach of his contractual obligations.

It said he was supposed search for locations for the vending machines, make two promotional appearance, host at least one healthy snack event, have two meet-and-greet events and autograph up to 50 items for vending machine location owners.

But Arzolo found the company didn’t comply with the contract’s termination contract, so it’s got to cough up the change.

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