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EXCLUSIVE — Nude, Grinding Women Steal Limelight At Roxy’s Pub in West Palm Beach … Four Bouncers Fired!


EXCLUSIVE — Nude, Grinding Women Steal Limelight At Roxy’s Pub in West Palm Beach … Four Bouncers Fired!

Roxy's Pub

This stunt started like any other night at Roxy’s rooftop (Twitter photo)

WEST PALM BEACH — Four bouncers were canned by Roxy’s Pub in West Palm Beach over the weekend after a video showed them standing around while two buck-naked women performed sex acts on one another and patrons, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively.

The video of the action has been shared on social media several hundred times but, since we are a family outfit, we passed on publishing it.

We did see it, and it clearly depicts acts that are illegal in public spaces, even in full nudity strip bars.

To put it mildly and classily, think anilingus.

And yes, cunilingus.

In full view of everyone on Roxy’s dance floor.


Then it got a little more daring (Twitter photo)

And in all, there was more than 10 minutes of full nude action.

The patrons at the Clematis pub rooftop bar early Sunday morning appeared to enjoy it thoroughly. At one point, a little guy, fully-dressed thankfully, tries to join in and places himself on the bent-over blonde’s bare bottom but pathetically falls backwards.

The pub’s management, however, freaked out when the video first popped up on Twitter.

Roxy's Pub

Two women were kicked out of Roxy’s Rooftop over the weekend for this sex show (Twitter photo)

So far, it’s cost four bouncers their job because the video showed them standing around and watching without intervening.

“We will not tolerate this kind of behavior,” said Roxy’s office manager Scott Smith. “We are investigating fully. One of the girls told our manager while they were being escorted out that they are strippers or exotic performers, and they were paid $1,000 each to do this.

“We don’t know yet who put them up to it but we’re trying to figure it out.”

Roxy's Pub

And of course, some douche had to spoil the fun for everybody else (Twitter photo)

Roxy’s Pub first opened as an Irish bar on the west of downtown in 1933 and moved to its present location on Clematis 27 years ago. It’s best known as a St. Patrick’s Day favorite but, on weekends, the rooftop is usually home to millennials and hipsters who enjoy local DJs.

Roxy's Pub

And finally, the bouncers decided to escort the still-naked and giggly girls out (Twitter photo)



  1. Karen Stewart

    September 20, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    they were MINORS and DRUGGED ! Just saw it on EXTRA!!! SHAME, on the PUB and the employees !!! I HOPE THE GIRLS (19 years of age) SUE THE HELL OUT OF ROXY’S ! CLOSE IT DOWN !

  2. Your mom

    September 21, 2018 at 11:18 am

    They were drunk sluts doing drugs…. this isn’t news and they’re about to be hella embarrassed in court.

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