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OPINION — Boynton Beach Police Protecting Its Own In PBSO Domestic Violence!


OPINION — Boynton Beach Police Protecting Its Own In PBSO Domestic Violence!

BOYNTON BEACH — Palm Beach County’s golden rule “there’s a law for citizens and another law for cops” is being followed religiously right now.

With Boynton Beach Police allegedly celebrating Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it’s doing its best to shield the identity of a brother Palm Beach County Sheriff‘s deputy who used his service handgun, a source tells me, to shoot his wife then kill himself this morning.

So much for Domestic Violence Month!

And so much for Florida’s constitution.

It mandates that police provide basic information about an incident within reasonable time.

I’ll argue that, in this case, “reasonable time” has passed, and the basic information’s being withheld.

The tragic shooting occurred at 8 a.m. this morning. The unfortunate woman is in critical condition at the Delray Medical Center and the deputy’s dead.

And by noon, both BBPD and PBSO are refusing to release information despite the fact that the deputy’s family has been notified of the violence.

Cops even covered the deputy’s car in the parking lot of his condo at the Inlet Harbor Club so that no reporter could see his license plate.

I don’t remember Boynton’s boys in blue showing that kind of respect for a civilian.

Why the cloak-and-dagger stuff?

Very simple. The perpetrator is a deputy. Had he been a local nobody, we’d be interviewing family members by now.

In the end, chances are this deputy could have a history of domestic violence and an employment file that’ll show he shouldn’t be in law enforcement.

BBPD is protecting Sheriff Ric Bradshaw‘s made-up reputation yet again, and Bradshaw’s at the scene this morning to make sure of that.

But then, BBPD is only paying PBSO back the time when that PBSO helicopter pilot flew away from the scene of the beatdown of a fleeing black motorist by BBPD cops instead of filming the scene.

Yep that happened, too. Click here if you don’t believe me.



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