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Louisette Geiss

Harvey Weinstein accuser Louisette Giess told a terrible tale about her encounter with Weinstein (Splash News photo)

MIAMI — In light of the allegations against serial harasser Harvey Weinstein, numerous women have come forward to reveal how the movie mogul sexually accosted them.

Now, Louisette Geiss, a Miami producer and actress has added her name to the list of vicitims. Geiss, who has sought legal representation from famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred, appeared at a news conference yesterday, claiming Weinstein exhibited his vile brand of persecution towards her at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008.

Geiss, who was shopping a script at the time, agreed to a meeting with the producer at a restaurant. After the meal, Weinstein asked Geiss to his office at his hotel. No fool, Geiss, who had heard of Weinstein inappropriate behavior before, agreed to follow him as long as she could locate the security cameras at the hotel.

After chatting for a half an hour, Weinstein got up to go to the bathroom. When he came back, he was wearing an open robe and nothing else. Sexy. Acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary, the producer continued talking about Geiss’ script and asked her to follow him into the bathroom while he took a bath and masturbated.

Harvey Weinstein is proof that power corrupts (Splash News photo)

Insisting that he could help her career, Weinstein thought Geiss could be intimidated in going along with his pervy antics. Instead, she hightailed it out of the room and only revealed the story later to her sister and a friend.

The repulsive experience led her to leave the film industry. In her statement yesterday, Geiss said, “I know that I’m not special. I know that this has happened to many women. It’s the fear and pain of sexual harassment that is released on one’s mind, body and soul that I’m trying to stop.”

Breaking down, she added “I don’t think Harvey Weinstein understand or comprehends how much pain and suffering this brings to me and scores of other women.”

Louisette Giess with attorney Gloria Allred (Splash News photo)

Unfortunately, the statute of limitations on this case has expired, therefore all Allred can hope for is arbitration.

“I think he wants to work in this town again,” Allred said. “I think it’s an invitation to help. It’s not instead of therapy, it’s in addition to, and in the event he were able to accept our invitation to do that, then I feel that those alleged victims who have contacted me would feel much better about Mr. Weinstein. Women are now empowered and the casting couch scenarios are just going to have to end. It’s not acceptable anymore and it’s not going to be tolerated. Women are not going to be silenced.”

Ironically, Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom, was an adviser to Weinstein, though she quit last weekend after being put on blast by her mom.

“She informed me that she was never retained to represent him in any process involving any claim against him,” Allred said.

Among the women speaking out against Weinstein’s piggish behavior are actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan and Angelina Jolie. This week, Weinstein announced that he would “seek treatment” after his wife his Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman announced that she was kicking him to the curb. Yeah, that should help.

Georgina Chapman and Producer Harvey Weinstein

Looks like Harvey Weinstein blew it with his super hot wife Georgina Chapman (Splash News photo)

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