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RICH GETTING RICHER — Tiger Woods’ Ex Elin Nordegren Tries To Make Bank On Juno Beach Condo!


RICH GETTING RICHER — Tiger Woods’ Ex Elin Nordegren Tries To Make Bank On Juno Beach Condo!

Elin Nordegren

The notoriously private Elin Nordegren is selling her home herself! (Splash News photo)

JUNO BEACH —  With a divorce settlement of a whopping $100 million, Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of golfing legend Tiger Woods, could be said to have one of the most successful UNsuccessful marriages of all time.

While being cheated on by Woods was never part of her plan, the Swedish model is primed to rake in another impressive sum, this time in a shrewd real estate move.

Nordegren, 37, became the owner in May of 2011 of a beachfront townhouse in Juno Beach with a price-tag of $1 million. She’s now listed the townhouse for sale with an asking price of $2.2 million, more than twice what she paid.

The 2-bedroom, 3-and-a-half-bathroom unit is situated in the San Remo Townhouses in the small resort town to the north of Palm Beach. Nordegren has never lived in the residence, but has nonetheless done considerable work to the unit, paying out approximately $200,000 for new flooring, closets and detailing, as well shoring up beams and columns.

Elin Nordegren House

Elin Nordegren is selling her oceanfront condo fully furnished ( photo)

“I think it’s well worth what she is asking for,” opined Rob Thomson, the owner of Waterfront Properties. “It’s massively renovated with a designer who does most celebrity homes. And Juno Beach is in strong demand. It’s a small town with its own police force and great security.”

By listing the 3-story, 1,800-square-foot property on her own and not involving a realtor, the clever model will likely save about $120,000 that would otherwise have to be paid out in commission.

Elin Nordegren House

Can’t beat a view like that! ( photo)

Nordegren seems to be focused on real estate, as this is hardly her only foray into the field. She applied more than $25 million from her settlement with Woods to buy real property in-and-around Palm Beach. She even owns another condo in the same building as the for-sale unit. (The building, built in 1975, is subdivided into 10 townhouses.)

The other occupants of Nordegren’s building appear to be mostly “snowbirds” who flock to South Florida from their primary homes in the Northeast during the colder months.

Elin Nordegren House

Now that’s a bathroom! ( photo)

Nordegren spared no expense in the unit up for sale. It’s being sole already-furnished with pieces from “local designers” and—according to the property description—top-of-the-line appliances. She hired professional designer Lisa Peterson to apply themes suitable for a beach property.

“It was for [Nordegren’s] family when they come from Sweden to visit her,” Peterson explained. “She was very involved with the interior design and she wanted every detail just so. She was here every day working for us.”



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