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Can You Get Your Name Off The Sex Offender Registry?


Can You Get Your Name Off The Sex Offender Registry?

sex offenders

So few people are rooting for the sex offenders, it’s odd when their advocates turn on each other (

MIAMI — A new lawsuit reveals that there’s a war brewing between sex offender advocates.

That’s right, a Texas-based company that claims it can get sex offenders off the state’s sex offender registry is suing a Boynton Beach nonprofit that advocates for loosening up the sex offender registry rules.

Even though these guys are on the unpopular side of sex offenders, they seem ready to battle each other.

“I haven’t seen the lawsuit yet and I’ve not been served, so I don’t know,” said Gail Colletta, whose group, the Florida Action Committee, is getting sued by the Houston-based

Colletta founded the FAC after her son was convicted of online sex crimes, and its purpose is to reform the sex offender laws and the registry.

It seems like the defendant and plaintiff in this case would be perfect bedfellows, ahem,  but, according to paperwork filed in the case, the FAC website called “a scam.”

According to court documents, in February the FAC posed this on its website: “We have been informed that a company out of Texas called CLEARMYCASE.COM has been soliciting individuals on the Florida (sex offender) Registry claiming they might be able to help them ‘deregister’ and charging a $100 consultation fee. Please do not fall for this scam.” owner John Bordelon says, “We are not (a scam.)”

Bordelon says his company charges between $4,500 and $9,800 for successfully getting a registered sex offender off the registry.

“But we refuse more than 60 percent of the business we could get. Very few individuals qualify to be taken off the list and we only accept those who do,” he said.

It can take as many as 15 to 25 years after a conviction to get a sex offender off the registry. It’s difficult, but “it’s not impossible,” according to Bordelon.

The FAC’s lawyer Ron Kleiner begs to differ.

He calls the lawsuit “baseless” and “frivolous” and said Bordelon’s company gives false hope to sex offenders.

“I defy them to show us one single person they got de-listed,” he said.

Do arsonists have advocates too?

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  1. rps abq

    July 12, 2018 at 7:12 am

    They do if the law is broken in how they are convicted, sentenced and punished, idiot.

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