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Disgraced Dolphins Coach Chris Foerster Already Had Problems At Home!


Disgraced Dolphins Coach Chris Foerster Already Had Problems At Home!

Chris Foerster

Chris Foerster has had a very, very bad day (via YouTube)

ST. PETERSBURG — Former Dolphins Coach Chris Foerster, who resigned today after a video surfaced of him snorting white powder while talking to a mistress, already had troubles at home.

Financial records out of St. Petersburg, where Foerster lives with his wife Michelle during the off-season, indicate that the 55-year-old coach may be dealing with some financial problems, despite pulling in around $3 million a year.

Recently, the IRS slapped not one, but two liens on Foerster’s $625,000 Tampa Bay house for unpaid income taxes!

According to records, Foerster and his wife owe $591,397.51 in taxes going back to 2012, when Foerster was coaching the Washington Redskins.

Not surprisingly, the coach, and his wife aren’t returning phone calls.

Foerster has a reputation for being one of the highest paid assistant coaches, so it’s kind of surprising that he’s so broke.

Wells Fargo sued in 2010 after he stopped sending in mortgage payments and even filed a foreclosure action, which was later dropped once he started paying his bills again.

In the past 24 hours, Foerster has shot to notoriety after a Las Vegas model named Kijuana Nige posted a video of the coach snorting lines and telling her he missed her.

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