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Floriduh Man Claims He Can Turn A “Girl” Into A “Woman!”


Floriduh Man Claims He Can Turn A “Girl” Into A “Woman!”

Timothy Joseph Rice

Timothy Joseph Rice has us shaking our heads (Brevard County Jail photo)

PALM BAY —  It’s safe to say that 19-year-old Timothy Joseph Rice is a strange one.

On Tuesday, Rice paid a visit to the Eastern Florida State College, but learning didn’t seem to be on his itinerary; his leanings on that particular day — according to cops — were geared more toward battery.

Palm Bay police officers responded to a call about an incident that arose involving Rice and a young woman near the campus’s east pond. Rice was all too happy to speak with officers about what happened, and was oddly forthcoming about blatant legal misdeeds.

“I grabbed her a**, boobs and p*ssy so I can turn her into a woman,” he explained to the police.

“He began to say how the energy from his hands would turn this girl into a woman,” an officer later relayed. “He does not know this girl, but he saw her sitting alone and wanted to help her out by turning her into a woman.” 

Rice went on to volunteer that he asked the young woman multiple times to accompany him so that he could “f*ck her” because he wanted her to be his “slut.” (Unsurprisingly, she instead left without him.)

The woman in question was interviewed by officers as well. Not appreciative of Rice’s “energy treatment,” she repeatedly slapped the 19-year-old’s hands from her breasts, buttocks and her inner thighs.

Rice initially approached the woman by sitting next to her and telling her that she was beautiful and sexy. This alone was probably overly forward, but Rice’s physical follow-ups certainly fall under the category of “too familiar.”

Officers placed Rice under arrest and took him to Brevard County Jail; he was charged with battery.

How his bold pick-up technique will serve him in jail remains to be seen.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jaime Rabinowitz

    October 2, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    I hope his cellie “bebops” all over those luscious blonde curls, turning that “boy” into a “man.”

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