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FAN LAWSUIT: The Miami Marlins Lied About All-Star Tickets!


FAN LAWSUIT: The Miami Marlins Lied About All-Star Tickets!


A fan claims the Miami Marlins misled him (Roberto Coquis photo via Wikipedia)

MIAMI — A baseball fan is suing the Miami Marlins over what he claims were lies from team sales reps over the availability of tickets for the July 11 all-star game at Marlins Park.

In his small claims action filed in Miami last week, fan David Chojnowski is asking the Marlins to reimburse him for the two 20-game packages he bought in the spring.

In his Oct. 1 hearing, the 47-year-old Port St. Lucie resident is planning to ask for $2,480, the price of his two regular season packages.


“They lied to me,” he says. “They lied to me and probably a lot of other people.

“Five different sales people within the organization told me emphatically that, in order for me to attend the all-star game, I would have to buy 20-game packages. They said clearly no all-star game tickets would go on sale to the general public.”

So Chojnowski did buy two regular season packages for $1,240 a piece even though, he says, he had no interest in supporting the team in person.

“All I wanted was to go to the home run derby. I wanted nothing else,” he says.

By the time the sales people were done with him, Chojnowski says, not only had he bought the two 20-game series, he also had all-star game tickets at $275 a pop plus home run derby passes at $250 per and even the celebrity game ducats for $65 each.

“They wouldn’t sell me just home run derby tickets,” he says. “I had to take all or nothing.”

Then over the summer, Chojknowski says he noticed online that anyone could go to the all-star game.

“I was furious,” he says. “I felt, and I still feel, ripped off.”

Chojonowski says he tried to discuss the matter with the Marlins front office but never got through. He did ask for his money back. No answer.

“My only choice was to sue,” he says, adding he is representing himself. “And I have a gut feeling that if I win, there’s going to be plenty of fans who’ll sue them, too.”

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