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Kendall-Native Natalie Morales Blasts Paparazzi for Invasive Photo at Red Carpet Event!


Kendall-Native Natalie Morales Blasts Paparazzi for Invasive Photo at Red Carpet Event!

Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales had a few choice words for the paps who engineered a “wardrobe malfunction” (Splash News photo)

KENDALL — A photographer at the recent Battle of the Sexes premiere captured and dispersed a revealing red carpet photo of Natalie Morales, and the star isn’t taking it lying down.

Morales, a native of Kendall, called out the paparazzi in a blistering series of statements on Twitter.

“So someone sent me photos of me having what they called a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at last weekend’s premiere of Battle of the Sexes… ,” she typed. “These are pictures they PURPOSELY took up my skirt TO GET A SHOT of my vag.”

Morales, 32, considered dropping the matter and looking the other way, but said she “realized this must happen to women all the time” and vowed not to “let it slide.”

She accused the photographer of angling his camera specifically to see up the slit of her dress. Morales acknowledges (but does not believe) that the snap in question could’ve been accidental, but does not excuse the photographer’s actions even in that event.

“They could have done what they would have done had they taken an accidental shot of their daughter’s, mother’s, or sister’s vagina: deleted it,” she posted. “Instead, they sold pictures of my private body parts—without my consent—to a site that makes money off of trying to embarrass me.”

She added that she was wearing underwear, but asserted she wouldn’t be bothered even if that wasn’t the case.

“It’s a vagina,” she said simply. “We all came out of one.”

Morales decried an entire sexist system that targets not just celebrities in overt displays like this and other incidents with paparazzi, but also targets everyday women with an unrealistic expectation of perfection.

“We are held to an impossible standard, where our bodies and our faces must be perfect and if for one second we are in any way human, like say, just walking around, doing our jobs—we are torn down.

“Well, you cannot tear me down,” she added defiantly.

The larger problem Morales described, of course, still remains, but one thing seems certain: The next paparazzo planning to exploit Morales will surely think twice!

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