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Here’s To You Mrs. Robinson! PBG Mom Tries To Run Over Daughter’s Beau For Exposing Their Affair!


Here’s To You Mrs. Robinson! PBG Mom Tries To Run Over Daughter’s Beau For Exposing Their Affair!

Kathleen regina davis

Kathleen Regina Davis is a real life Mrs. Robinson! (Palm Beach County Jail photo)

PALM BEACH GARDENS — Hell hath no fury!

In a love triangle that would make soap operas envious, 58-year-old Kathleen Regina Davis had an affair with her daughter’s 33-year-old ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend disclosed this to the daughter and—not surprisingly—drama ensued, according to a police report.

What WAS surprising, however, was the extent of the drama.

Davis started out on September 20th by driving to the boyfriend’s Palm Beach Gardens house, where she pelted both his house and his cars with eggs. What followed might best be set to the Benny Hill theme music.

According to cops, she wasn’t content to leave the severity of the incident at the level of an adolescent prank, and instead, Davis commenced to chase the boyfriend around his yard with her Mercedes-Benz, attempting to run him over.

Davis accused the boyfriend of destroying her relationship with her daughter, and allegedly said she wanted him to die.

It’s Mrs. Robinson, 2017-style!

Police arrived at the residence to find Davis still driving in circles on the lawn and still trying to hit the boyfriend, who claimed a few close calls in the ordeal.

The boyfriend told authorities that he was not presently dating the daughter.

Davis was taken by police to Palm Beach County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill (all appearances to the contrary). She was held on a bond of $3,000, and released upon payment.

Hopefully, she took an Uber home and is steering clear of automotive weapons for the time being!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. 1Ronald

    September 26, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    So much for that 33yo boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend. Guess she’s not Stacy’s Mom. No Fountains of Wayne for you, Kathleen. Now, about that “drama ensued.” Guess it wasn’t a menage-a-trois. And not too many 58yo women get to bang a 33yo dude. Come on, guys. That “sure, I’ll do you” can and will come back to haunt you especially if it’s an old mother and not Stacy’s Mom. And with that MB chasing him the least he could have done is start singing that Janis Joplin song. Or even hum a bit of it. And you can bet he and the daughter are “not presently dating.” What is it with today’s women? No share. Unlike the Hippie Days of yore. Yes, it is a different world today.

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