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OUTTA HERE! Judge Throws Out Livan Hernandez’s Bankruptcy Case!


OUTTA HERE! Judge Throws Out Livan Hernandez’s Bankruptcy Case!

Livan Hernandez isn’t out of the woods yet! (

MIAMI — A federal judge in Miami has thrown out the bankruptcy of former Miami Marlins star Livan Hernandez because, despite his voluntary Chapter 13 filing in June, the World Series hero pitcher didn’t file any supporting documents.

Hernandez, who carried the 1997 Marlins to World Series greatness through his record strikeouts, claimed he was up to $1 million in debts with no way to pay them. He claimed less than $50,000 in assets.

Hernandez’ debtors, the paperwork shows, included a slew of banks, Mercedes-Benz and Puerto Rico’s power company.

When the time came to show proof, however, the 42-year-old Cuban expat turned in no paperwork, according to federal records. He even failed to hand over his financial affidavit, a key form for those in need of protection from creditors.

After several extensions, Judge John Olson dismissed the case yesterday.

Mary Reyes, Hernandez’ lawyer, didn’t respond to several attempts to obtain comment.

Hernandez, who played for the Miami Marlins through the 1999 season before being traded to the San Francisco Giants, is estimated to have earned well over $50 million in his 17 years in the majors.

Hernandez, however, has had financial difficulties for years, according to records. He was sued recently by an ex-girlfriend for child support.

And he still owes a local businessman $220,000, money that Hernandez borrowed “for a little while” in 2014, according to Miami-Dade County records.

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