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ROAD RAGE VIDEO — Woman And Her Stepmom Beat Driver Unconscious!


ROAD RAGE VIDEO — Woman And Her Stepmom Beat Driver Unconscious!

Alicia Scarduzio, 20, right, and her dad’s girlfriend Shelley Gemberling, 49 (via

NEW PORT RICHEY — The family that brawls together, falls together. (In this case, under felony battery charges!)

According to cops, Shelley Gemberling, 49, and her boyfriend’s 20-year-old daughter, Alicia Scarduzio, precipitated a road rage incident that has to be seen to be believed.

On Tuesday afternoon, the two women got into an argument with 20-year-old veterinary technician Emily Bailey at an intersection in New Port Richey.

We all get a little hot under the collar on the roadways sometimes, but Gemberling and Scarduzio took it several steps further, hauling Bailey out of her car by her neck and hair and pummeling her unconscious in the middle of the road.

Another motorist captured Scarduzio on video repeatedly striking Bailey after she was already down. The video concludes with a male passerby intervening to bring an end to the assault.

Bailey is recovering from a broken nose, concussion and some minor abrasions as a result of the incident which, she says, began when the pair almost ran her off the road and she honked her horn in response.

The mom, definitely, when I saw her look into my eyes, she was at a rage where I’ve never seen before,” Bailey said.

Unsurprisingly (and unconvincingly), Gemberling denies the accounts of what happened, stating instead that Bailey was the aggressor, exiting the car and pushing her.

Why these unbalanced women thought their disproportionate response to this minor traffic dispute was worth the cost, in terms of bloodshed and likely time served, is anyone’s guess. With any luck, they’ll have a lot of free time to consider their actions in their new accommodations behind bars

These ladies are going to have lots of ‘splaining to do! (via

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