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Wife of Donald Trump’s Ethics Advisor Caught Having Sex With Inmate In A Car Outside A Prison!


Wife of Donald Trump’s Ethics Advisor Caught Having Sex With Inmate In A Car Outside A Prison!

Trump’s ethics advisor Bobby Burchfield has some ‘splainng to do about his wife Teresa Jo Burchfield (Gossip Extra collage)

PALM BEACH — The wife of a prominent Republican party attorney who also serves as Donald Trump‘s ethics advisor was arrested for “having sex with a 23-year-old inmate in the backseat of her car outside a Virginia prison.”

Teresa Jo Burchfield, 53, is married to Bobby Burchfield, who serves as Ethics Advisor to Trump’s businesses. He also represented George W. Bush during the 2000 lawsuit demanding a recount in Florida.

Burchfield was caught getting freaky with an inmate outside of Virginia’s Fauquier County Adult Detention Center on Tuesday.

“The defendant was caught in the backseat of her vehicle with an inmate…,” Dept. J. B. Thorpe wrote in Burchfield’s criminal complaint. “When the inmate exited the vehicle, he handed me a bag of brown pills (capsules), that he claims to be workout pills.”

According to the inmate, this wasn’t the first time the pair had gotten busy in her car. He told officers they had been having sex for about a month. In exchange for his services, the inmate was gifted with cigarettes, clothes and vitamin supplements.

The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office declined to identify the inmate, who was on trustee status and authorized to leave the jail for work.

Burchfield’s husband is a super big deal conservative causes attorney. He’a partner at King & Spalding in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm had a $500,000 contract with Congress to defend the Defense of Marriage Act though they resigned from the case after being criticized by gay rights groups. Soon after, they were dropped by the National Rifle Association, also a client.

Burchfield is also a long-standing member of the Republican National Lawyers Association and was the chairman of Crossroads GPS, a Republican advocacy group founded by Karl Rove.

Uhhhhm. This is starting to get awkward (via GoogleImages)

Following her arrest, Burchfield was charged with “willfully delivering unauthorized articles to a confined prisoner” and released on $5,000 secured bond. Burchfield, who is from McLean, Virginia, faces up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500 if found guilty, according to state law.

Burchfield is an “independent research consultant” in Washington D.C., according to Linkedin, and has worked with the government, the FBI and the CIA, as well as several defense contractors, including Booz Allen Hamilton.

She has also been an advocate for migraine sufferers, though it appears she did not have a headache on Tuesday.

“She is a founding member and on the Board of Directors of M.A.G.N.U.M.: Migraine Awareness Group: a National Understanding for Migraineurs, a non-profit health care public education organization. As Executive Vice President and Legislative Director of MAGNUM, Terri delivers speeches, writes articles, participates in media events, and engages in other activities to educate the public and Congress on health care issues related to Migraine disease and pain issues,” the MAGNUM website says.

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