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Florida Pastor Will Live In A Glass House, Not Planning To Throw Stones


Florida Pastor Will Live In A Glass House, Not Planning To Throw Stones

Pastor Troy Gramling and his wife Stephanie smile as workers break ground on the glass house where the Gramlings will live for two weeks (via Instagram)

COOPER CITY — A media-savvy South Florida preacher is undertaking a noble publicity stunt: he and his wife are moving into a glass house for two weeks.

Troy Gramling, 50, the head of the multi-location Christian Potential Church, and his wife of 28 years, Stephanie, will spend two weeks living in a glass house, and the entire experiment will be continuously broadcast for the world to see starting Sept. 8.

You know the old saying about people who live in glass houses not throwing stones? It’s fair to say the Gramlings have truly taken that to heart.

Pastor Gramling says its to get his congregants to think about vulnerability and openness.

Still, the “glass house” the Gramlings are moving into isn’t quite a house. It’s really a 500-square-foot structure that’s being built in the Cooper City church’s parking lot this week.

There’s no bathroom. The Gramlings will sleep on a Murphy bed, do their cooking in a toaster oven and a microwave and will conduct their usual church business from the house.

“The house is quite small,” Gramling told The Dailymail Online, “but we’ve got a good AC unit.”

What about the baser functions like going to the bathroom or having sex?

The Gramlings will have to use the church’s facilities when nature calls. And even though the experiment is about vulnerability and nakedness, there won’t be any reality TV style middle of the night sex caught on camera.

“We’re not going to make ourselves that vulnerable,” Gramling laughed. “Besides, I’m 50, that’s not happening.”

Gramling is a former college basketball player and and currently weighs in at 230 pounds.

“The house is quite small,” he said, “but we’ve got a good AC unit.”

It’ll be like living in a fishbowl! (Special to Gossip Extra)

Still, the pastor’s wife Stephanie is a little worried.

“I’m a bit nervous about it,” she said. “We’ll learn things about each other we might still not know after 28 years.”

That’s exactly what Gramling is going for.

“The idea is let’s get naked,” he says. “Figuratively. Let’s be authentic. Vulnerable. We live in such a cynical society today that needs more authentic people with their good bad and ugly.”

He plans to use what he learns in his sermons for most of the fall. But this isn’t the first time the popular pastor with 6,500 regular congregants has attempted to broadcast his “naked” self.

Just months after Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered 12 years ago, the Gramlings and their three children broadcast their daily routine on a web-show called “My Naked Pastor.”

“The technology wasn’t very good then. And it wasn’t easy,” he said.

And stunts like the Glass House aren’t cheap. The structure cost $7,000 and was built and paid for by the owner of a mattress store who’s a fan of the church’s work.

“Sometimes we cold-call businesses and tell them we’re doing something that’s going to be on YouTube, and they pay for it to get the publicity.’

The church’s YouTube channel has 27,000 subscribers, all of whom will be able to text live on the feed of the Glass House.

‘I expect a lot of criticisms,’ he says. ‘I’ll just have to deal with that.’



  1. 1Ronald

    September 6, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Hey Troy? How about getting Heavy Steph on a diet? And what does Christian Potential mean? You might decide to go Jewish? Indeed. This stuff is not new. Parking lot, yes. But how about a platform hoisted into the air. Like DJs used to do to promote themselves and their stations. In fact I’ll bet ole Troy could be outfoxed by an enterprising (that means not lazy) DJ who’s willing to forego creature comforts for a week to a month suspended in air including doing his broadcast there. How about coaxing 82yo Rick Shaw (James Hummel) out of retirement to get him to do it. Pretend he’s still with WCKR. Yes, I know, that dude was all over the place in Radio Land.

  2. 1Ronald

    September 6, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    Now about that naked aqua t-shirt. Try googling How come there’s no Now, if the t-shirt is fake….. they probably won’t be in that “house” very long.

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