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Ink Master Chris Blinston Arrested By PBSO For Allegedly Choking His Daughter


Ink Master Chris Blinston Arrested By PBSO For Allegedly Choking His Daughter

Chris Blinston’s 13-year-old daughter claims he strangled her and called her a “mental skank” (via

WEST PALM BEACH — Ink Master star Chris Blinston has been arrested in Palm Beach County after his 13-year-old daughter claimed he had strangled her.

Blinston, 43, allegedly grabbed his daughter by the throat while they were arguing at his home during a custody visit. The tattoo artist, who starred in 2015 on season six of the reality show on Spike TV, put both hands around her neck and choked her for around 10 seconds, according to a police report.

After Blinston, a former Marine, who is 5’11” and weighs, 220 lbs., released his daughter, she said “you’re choking me,” which made him even angrier. He grabbed her again and strangled her for another seven seconds, the report said. He then told her that “there would be hell to pay” if she told anyone about the attack.

Blinston runs the No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery in Coral Springs (via

Blinston received the NATO Medal of Valiant Service in 1995 for rescuing Air Force pilot Scott O’Grady in Bosnia. The artist, who is a former prayer group leader, PTA vice president and Brownie Troop Assistant, ironically states on his webpage that he is “a dedicated father, leader and community advocate” who works “to promote successful outcomes for coworkers, families, and children.”

After the visit, Blinston’s daughter told a therapist about the incident, saying that he had also been verbally abusive, calling her a “mental skank.” The counselor contacted the police immediately.

Blinston was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic battery after police interviewed his daughter and observed marks on her neck that indicated that she had been strangled. The tattoo artist, who has two other children, was released on a $6,000 bond on Friday.

Blinston, who has routinely made public appearances after starring on Ink Masters, is noted for his tattoos of vampires, clowns, insects and strangely Adam Sandler. He currently owns a tattoo shop in Coral Springs that is oddly named the “No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery.”

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