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OPINION — Palm Beach Police Foundation Refusal To Pull Policemen’s Ball From Mar-a-Lago Is A HUUUUUGE MISTAKE!


OPINION — Palm Beach Police Foundation Refusal To Pull Policemen’s Ball From Mar-a-Lago Is A HUUUUUGE MISTAKE!

Palm Beach Policemen's Ball 2012: Donald Trump and Rod Stewart

Rocker Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster at the 2012 Policemen’s Ball (Mike Jachles photo)

No charity with an ounce of integrity is left on the Mar-a-Lago calendar for the upcoming social season.

With socialite Lois Pope‘s LIFE Foundation confirming yesterday it will not spend any more money in President Donald Trump‘s private Palm Beach club and move its well attended gala elsewhere, the leftovers are mostly second-rate organizations that few care about.

Except for one.

The Palm Beach Police Foundation this week refused to leave Mar-a-Lago in the wake of Trump’s hesitation in deciding that white supremacists are the bad guys. It will have its high-profile, $1 million-Jan. 6 gala at Marjorie Merryweather Post‘s old haunt.

That’s a huge mistake: The non-move will shed the national attention on the Policemen’s Ball, and that’s the last thing the non-profit wants.

The Palm Beach Police Foundation, you see, presents a classic case of the conflict of interest for the town of Palm Beach.

It’s little wonder the foundation would cozy up to Trump, a man who doesn’t understand the words “conflict of interest.”

But now, the public at large will find out just why an overwhelming number of people arrested in Palm Beach are visitors to the island, not residents.

Officially, the Policemen’s Ball and all its bells and whistles — including the bagpipers, color guards and neighbor Rod Stewart among the guests — is a way for Palm Beach’s richest to thank its police force.

Last year, the gala raised more than $1 million for the families of injured Palm Beach cops and scholarships for the children of Palm Beach officers.


And, according to the latest federal non-profit filings, the foundation now has $4 million in the bank — all of it, a slush fund for a department with fewer than 40 cops.

There’s always been a special relationship between Palm Beach police and those they protect.

The unwritten rule is that island residents rarely get arrested.

It’s not rare for rich drunks to get a ride home instead of a ride to jail. And it’s not rare for cops to live at the home of some foundation donors during the summer — free of charge, mind you — so that the sprawling properties don’t get burglarized.

For those reasons, the island’s highest-profile residents, including The Donald, attend the ball.

And many join the foundation board, including cable TV and cell phone pioneer John Scarpa alongside the likes of energy billionaire Bill Koch and socialite Michele Kessler.

Still, there’s something unholy about those who are supposed to enforce laws getting a handout from those who are supposed to follow the law: The gala-raised cash is nothing more than a legal bribe, insurance for police action against residents.

Consider this: According to booking information at the county jail, 160 people were arrested by Palm Beach Police so far this year.

Of those, ONLY 10 listed Palm Beach as their residence as 150 non-Palm Beachers have been hauled to jail through Aug. 25! And that’s in a town where the population swells to 30,000 in winter.

Damn straight that the foundation ball has an effect on the community!

Don’t take this the wrong way: We’re not against cops getting kudos from the citizenry.

We are among those who believe local law enforcers outside of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office are underpaid.

But while most departments deliver their attaboys with trophies and barbecues, Palm Beach residents do it with millions of the dollars.

In many respects, it’s gross.

And now that the police foundation insists on holding its gala at Mar-a-Lago, the rest of the world will soon find out.



  1. Cindy Collins

    August 25, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Jose do you not see that you are bullying? “I like diversity as long as they think like I do.”

  2. 1Ronald

    August 25, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Many Donald Trump supporters have contributed greatly to Lois Pope by weekly purchasers of her National Enquirer tabloid (now sold for $412 million) and probably continue to do so. The salacious news of National Enquirer appeals to a subculture many of whom still adore Donald Trump. Wonder how Paul feels about this? Not too cool with “thin skinned” mom these days. So what is mom’s problem? The Wall? Not caring about America’s National Heritage being destroyed? Can’t be Trump selling off US Park Land to his billionaire buddies. And it can’t be Afghanistan. Nobody’s whining about that. Yet. As long as the Pentagon can (still) shield those returning body bags of loved ones from media cameras. Or that war debt’s attack on the value of the US dollar. Yet.

  3. Gary Hill

    August 26, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    good for you Palm Beach Police Foundation

  4. Lowell levine

    August 27, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Jose you are over reaching. The police foundation of PB made the correct decision these charities who moved out made a high amount of money for their charities over the years st mar o largo. Politics has NO place with Charities

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