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HARROWING 911 CALL: Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver Found Dead


HARROWING 911 CALL: Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver Found Dead

Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver was found dead on the floor of his Boca Raton home Monday (via Instagram)

BOCA RATON — Australian bodybuilder Josh Lenartowicz called 911 after he found his friend Dallas McCarver unconscious, blue and face down on the floor of his Boca Raton home on Monday.

“It’s my friend, he’s passed out. He’s dead. I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t get him back,” he told the dispatcher.

The cool-headed, but clearly upset Lenartowicz said he thought his roommate McCarver had been lying there for some time.

“There’s something in his throat. Every time I do mouth-to-mouth there’s like something in his throat. I can’t get it out,” he said. “He just gargles it out. He was eating something.”

The dispatcher walked Lenartowicz through performing CPR on the 300-pound McCarver, to no avail.

There’d been no indication McCarver was in ill-health recently. On the day he died, McCarver had posted a video of himself lifting 160-lb dumbbells in each hand while Lenartowicz spotted him.

Fan favorite McCarver became a bodybuilder only five years ago and immediately began winning competitions and even the heart of WWE star Dana Brooke.

Brooke said on the night McCarver was found dead, he called her on the phone old her he was about to make dinner and said, ” I love you. Goodbye.”

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