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Christina Milian Knocks ‘em Dead In Bikini In Miami Beach!


Christina Milian Knocks ‘em Dead In Bikini In Miami Beach!

Christina Milian

Singer Christina Milian showed off her curves in a very revealing bikini in Miami Beach (Splash News photo)

MIAMI BEACH — Singer Christina Milian spent the weekend turning heads in Miami Beach in a skimpy peach-toned 2-piece.

Milian, who’s Lil Wayne‘s ex-GF,  wore little else as she waded out in the surf, her only other ornamentation coming in the form of a pair of narrow hoop earrings, a chain drop necklace and a simple bracelet. Her star-accented “Believe” hip tattoo and her crowned-heart lower back tattoo were on full display.

Christina Milian

She looks happy as a clam! (Splash News photo)

Even in the water, there was one accessory Milian couldn’t do without: her cell phone! The 35-year-old was photographed clutching the phone tightly and using it at points to take selfies.

It’s not surprising that the singer should need a beach holiday. She has a very full plate, both with current and upcoming projects.

Milian has recently ventured into a new realm of celebrity as a judge on the Kal Penn-hosted Fox game show Superhuman, featuring ordinary people with extraordinary skills competing for a $50,000 grand prize.

Christina Milian

Christina didn’t seem to worry much about her phone getting wet as she battled the waves (Splash News photo)

“I’m really impressed with people in – that have, like, great memory or mathematical skills – you know, that can count up something, like, really fast,” Milian said recently of the show’s contestants. “Like, they hear it really fast. The next thing you know, they’ve added it up. They subtracted it, divided it, you know, taken off the percentage and everything.”

Milian’s fellow judges are Dr. Rahul Jandial and former boxer and ear-biting enthusiast ∫.

The brunette bombshell—who already has 3 successful studio albums and an EP to her name—also has more music on the horizon.

“I’m working on some new music now, so new music to come,” she said. “I’m really excited.”

Christina Milian

The singer looks rested and relaxed! (Splash News photo)

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