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Mar-A-Lago’s Going To Be Lonely: Charities Snub Donald Trump!


Mar-A-Lago’s Going To Be Lonely: Charities Snub Donald Trump!


Mar-a-Lago, where you’ll be able to hear crickets this social season! (Mike Jachles Photo c.2017)

PALM BEACH — Donald Trump may be the leader of the free world, but everyone’s — and that includes his local friends — turning away from him now.

Some 20 charities that have held their annual fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago have said “thanks, but no thanks” to The Donald and are going to hold their fancy dinners elsewhere.


There are only two organizations who say they are committed to keeping their events at Trump’s gold-gilded resort: The Palm Beach Police Foundation Ball and the Achilles Freedom Team.

That’s waaaaaay down from the 21 that held events there last season.

There are a few holdouts who aren’t sure what they’re going to do: The Palm Beach Habilitation Center, Bethesda Hospital Foundation Women of Grace Luncheon and Gateway for Cancer Research.

Knowing how Trump holds a grudge, we’re guessing that the folks who’ve turned their backs on him in the last few days and months — all listed below — won’t be invited back any time soon. Now, this is going to be a season to remember!

American Cancer Society Ball

American Friends of Magen David Adom

American Humane Association Hero Dogs Luncheon

Autism Project of Palm Beach County

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Gala

Big Dog Ranch Rescue Event (and his daughter-in-law was one of the principals!)

Chamber Music Society of Palm Beach

Cleveland Clinic

Dana Farber Cancer Institute Gala

Hearing the Ovarian Cancer Whisper

International Red Cross Ball

Kravis Center Wine Auction

LIFE Lady In Red Gala

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Gala


Palm Beach Zoo Gala

Preservation Foundation

Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation Luncheon

Salvation Army

Susan G. Komen

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Frank Russell

    August 23, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    I suggest all conservatives need to start standing up for our party and our President. You’ll find online a list of 17 charities that have pulled out of the Mar-a-Lago Club due to the Charlottesville incident after the far left progressives and their media counterparts hijacked that narrative for political purposes. Choosing to stand with the folks that support ANTIFA and label Trump, his supporters and Republicans as “Nazi” or “racist.”

    The Democratic Party has fallen off the rails. They’re reminiscent of REAL fascists such as those found in the party of Benito Mussolini during WW2. These ALT-LEFT progressives from the DNC revel in labeling, and generalizing, Americans as “fascist” without ever realizing that their OWN tactics are actually closer to those of fascism. They push group think and outcast anyone who disagrees, even slightly, with their ideology. They embrace methods such as vandalism and violence in their hatred and spite of our elected President and their attempts to “resist” and obstruct our President, his administration, the Republican Party and all Americans who voted for President Trump.

    What is happening in America because of this extremely dangerous, and ignorant, liberal platform is not only disappointing but also un-American in every way. Violent protests, spiteful and inflaming rhetoric, disdain for the American flag and destruction of historical sites including now graveyards merely on the desire to rewrite and revise our nation’s history. The progressive liberal movement in America has gone unhinged and stands against our country, its Constitutional principles and even its people.

    Enough is enough. I encourage all of those folks who share philanthropic interests and donate to charities to inform the charities pulling out of the Mar-a-Lago Club that they will no longer be receiving donations. And for folks to instead choose to donate going forward to those charities brave enough not to give in to the negative agenda of the hateful far left. Charities who remain in the Mar-a-Lago Club as well as alternative charities within our great nation will be quite thankful, surely, to receive the donations that previously were given to the charities that pulled out.

    This isn’t an irrational boycott, it’s merely standing up for our country while continuing to donate to charities that have not allowed their organizations to be POLITICIZED by the ALT-LEFT due to their persistent threats and bad behavior. If these 17 charities wish to bow to political pressure then let the progressive left make up the donations that will now be made to the real charities that don’t take political sides when it comes to the fundamental need of helping everyone through everyone’s good will. Again, this isn’t a boycott, it’s just sending a message about how the public feels about non-profits taking political stands with the public’s donations. Simply redirect all future donations to non-profit charities that don’t play political games with your hard earned money and let the charities that you’re redirecting your donations from understand clearly why you’re taking this step.

    Americans need to stand up for Americans as well as America. Our very freedoms, our values and our principles are under attack by socialistic groups, anarchist groups and other far left political “activist” groups that are ever more openly venomous and threatening to our country and our people.

    My fellow Americans, the time is approaching to show your patriotism and love for our country, and it can be done without violence, threats or other tactics such as those used by the ALT-LEFT. Americans can show we’re better than all of that and that we appreciate everything living in this country has afforded us. It seems the left is forgetting this, taking for granted all what America offers and has provided. They’ve turned on our flag and our nation with complete disregard to the opportunities and privileges being born American have to offer. They’ve forgotten what makes American so great and instead chosen to focus on her flaws both historical and current. And show no appreciation for the rights given to them to speak out instead choosing to push the limits of those rights while disrespecting the country that has provided them so.

    Stand up and take action, through charitable donations and at the voting booth, so we can make right the abuses we’ve been allowing these “progressive” thinkers to perform upon our great nation and her people.

    God Bless America…and all proud Americans.

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