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Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Fiancé Brian Abasolo Share PDAs at Pool Party in Miami!


Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Fiancé Brian Abasolo Share PDAs at Pool Party in Miami!

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and her finace Bryan Abasolo were looking deeply in love while kissing each other under the Florida sun (Splash News photo)

MIAMI — Sometimes, happy endings really do happen.

In last season’s The Bachelorette, Dallas attorney Rachel Lindsay worked her way through the usual slew of suitors before being swept off her feet by Miami chiropractor Brian Abasolo, who closed out the season delivering a storybook proposal in Rioja, Spain.

The pair brought their love story and fledgling engagement to Abasolo’s stomping grounds of Miami for some fun in the sun on Saturday, attending a pool party thrown by local radio station Y100 (mistakenly captioned “V100” on Lindsay’s Instagram).


Could they really be in love? (Splash News photo)

The amorous couple’s feelings for one another haven’t changed since the season finale; the two could barely keep their hands off each other, sharing several snuggles and deep kisses during the party.

Lindsay, 32, was stunning in a skimpy, light pink bikini, a black sarong and platform shoes. The 37-year-old Abasolo, for his part, wore simple blue-and-white striped swim trunks. Both were trim and toned and very much at home in the sunny setting.

What a day! (Splash News photo)

The duo enjoyed drinks and talked with friends, happily whiling away the day.

It’s been an interesting journey to this point for Lindsay. Her first reality show experience was as a contestant on The Bachelorette’s counterpart,  The Bachelor. Lindsay placed 3rd overall—a respectable showing—but still failed to win the heart of the titular figure, Nick Viall.

Viall himself made the same kind of series-jump as Lindsay, having started as a highly-placed (but not winning) contestant on The Bachelorette before taking point on his own version of The Bachelor.

Looks just like a regular couple (Splash News photo)

As the first African American in the lead role on The Bachelorette, Lindsay broke new ground and clearly ended her streak of being unlucky in love.

Abasolo beat out 30 contenders to be the winning suitor on Lindsay’s season of the show.

In a celebrity field where few couples are destined to last, Lindsay and Abasolo seem to have a better chance than most.

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