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Model Melanie Sykes, 47, Shows She’s Still Got It In Miami Beach!


Model Melanie Sykes, 47, Shows She’s Still Got It In Miami Beach!

Melanie Sykes is turning heads at 47! (via Instagram)

MIAMI — Melanie Sykes, at 47-years-young, posted a series of bikini pics from her recent Miami Beach holiday for her 110,000 Instagram followers.

“Been chillin on Miami Beach for my birthday week,” the British TV personality wrote. “Always a bloody good breeze. Makes you feel alive.”

In her first snap, Mel dazzled in a deliciously skimpy floral-patterned red 2-piece, laughing as she casually strolled along the surf, sunglasses in hand (unneeded on an overcast day) with her ample assets and toned tummy on full display.

Laughing and looking good! (via Instagram)

“Me on a grey, stormy, wet Miami Beach yesterday morning and it just felt good!” her caption read.

In another photo, the former Boddington’s Brewery girl stretched out at her ease on a beach chair in another skin-baring 2-piece, this one hot pink with a stylishly fringed bikini. (On this brighter day, the brunette bombshell’s sunglasses were on.)

Finally, another pic showed the sultry stunner in a dark green bikini with white-polka-dotted bikini bottoms, sitting on the beach and gazing thoughtfully out at the ocean.

Gorgeous view! (via Instagram)

Sykes minced no words when it came to whether a woman her age could still be sexy.

“I’m in my forties and my body has more definition now than it did in my twenties,” she stated. “I work out an average of four times a week—a mixture of weight training, high-intensity boot camp classes, tennis, barre classes and reformer Pilates.”

Given that Sykes has spent much of her life modeling and asserts such a strong commitment to fitness, it’s surprising to many that she never set foot in a gym until she was 38 years old.

Stunning! (via Instagram)

In a May interview with MailOnline, Mel said, “When I first went into the gym I was 38, I didn’t know what I was doing, talked to a few people, suddenly started to work out about nutrition.”

“I remember saying to a personal trainer, ‘How do you get your arms nice and toned?’” she continued. “[The trainer] said you need to start looking at your food and doing this and slowly your body morphs into something that you wanted that you didn’t even know you wanted! I didn’t know I wanted that until I got it, and then it’s just like maintenance.”

Inspiring words from a success story who came to fitness relatively late in the game. And judging from her Instagram photos, Sykes is VERY well-maintained!

Very well maintained, indeed! (via Instagram)

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