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Palm Beach Gardens Golfer Lee Westwood Sued For $65 Million In Bitter Divorce Case


Palm Beach Gardens Golfer Lee Westwood Sued For $65 Million In Bitter Divorce Case

Lee Westwood and Laurae Westwood

Golfer Lee Westwood and his wife Laurae are finally going to have their day in court ( photo)

PALM BEACH GARDENS — Palm Beach Gardens golfer Lee Westwood, 44, is being sued by his wife Laurae for $65 million dollars in divorce court.

Laurae claims Lee’s wandering eye led to their 2015 split. The golfer, who has a net worth of $65 million, rakes in an additional $6.5 million annually in sponsorship deals.

Laurae, 42, filed divorce papers in Florida this week in which she cites the pro’s “misconduct” during their 16 years of marriage.

British golfer Lee has denied cheating on his wife during their marriage.

One of Laurae’s relatives told The Sun tabloid that “The whole thing is a mess. Both have made claims and it is unfortunately for the courts to decide how it ends up.

“Lee denies he’s done anything wrong, but it’s very sad given how long they’ve been together.”

Lee Westwood

Lee Westwood may lose a bunch of green in his nasty divorce! (Splash News photo)

Laurae, a beauty therapist, and Lee have two children, Sam, 16 and Poppy, 12. The family lived in Florida for five years before the 2015 separation.

A few short months after leaving Laurae, Lee was reportedly living with model Helen Storey, 40.

After the split, Lee told reporters that his personal problems had affected his game.

“Golf doesn’t mean as much to me as it did five, 10 years ago. It’s no surprise my game has suffered a little bit.

“We know how mental golf is, so there’s been a lot going on, which has affected me in the head.”

Helen Storey

Lee Westwood’s partner Helen Storey (Splash News photo)

Lee and Helen, who have been making the rounds of the golf tournaments together, met through Graham Wylie, owner of the Close House golf course, where Lee is the resident professional. Graham is married to Helen’s sister Andrea.

Laurae now lives in North Berwick, Scotland, with her children. She is the sister of golf pro Andrew Coltart. Lee lives in an apartment nearby.

Lee, who won an OBE in 2012, is expected to host the 2017 British Masters.

The estranged couple is due in court in Palm Beach county next month, though the golfer has requested a continuance since the Masters is scheduled for the same time.

After filing the motion, his lawyers stated that “In the event the trial date cannot be changed, he will abdicate his responsibilities with respect to the British Masters.”

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