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Father of Dalia Dippolito’s Baby Revealed at Hearing!


Father of Dalia Dippolito’s Baby Revealed at Hearing!

Dalia Dippolito at her bond hearing (via live video feed)

WEST PALM BEACH — Thursday brought more excitement in the latest round of legal proceedings for Dalia Dippolito, the South Florida wife accused of attempting to hire a hitman to murder her husband.

Dippolito’s attorneys are seeking to secure house arrest for their client while she pursues her next appeal. The questioning on the matter led to a bombshell: the identity of the father of Dippolito’s 16-month-old son!

Dippolito, 34, has kept mum about her child, to the point that the general public never even knew for certain that she had been pregnant before her attorney, Brian Claypool, made the announcement during her second trial in December, which ended in a mistrial.

The revelation came about after a phone call Dippolito had with the child’s father from jail; Assistant State Attorney Craig Williams discreetly referred to the man in court records merely as “James.” Williams pressed further on Thursday, though, and inquired of Dippolito’s mother, Randa Mohammed, about “James” during her testimony.

“What’s his real name?” Williams opened with bluntly.

Dalia Dippolito on the stand in 2016 (via live video feed)

Mohammed was reluctant to respond, and Claypool and his team objected to the question, but ultimately the defendant’s mother answered: “James” was 33-year-old Robert William Davis, who lived with Dippolito at Mohammed’s house in her final year of house arrest leading up to her second conviction.

It remains to be seen if Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Glenn Kelley will acquiesce and allow Dippolito to return home to await appeal—with, it would seem, her new family at her side.

If the conviction stands, Dippolito is looking at 16 years in prison for getting caught on camera attempting to hire a hitman to kill her then-husband, Michael Dippolito. (The hitman, to her dismay, turned out to be an undercover police officer.)

Given Dippolito’s somewhat sketchy behavior with lovers in the past, the beau-formerly-known-as-James would do well to watch his back if the court sends his girlfriend home!

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