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FLORIDUH: 77-Year-Old Arrested For Drenching 72-Year-Old Girlfriend in Sex Lube!


FLORIDUH: 77-Year-Old Arrested For Drenching 72-Year-Old Girlfriend in Sex Lube!

Apparently the lube wasn’t safe and gentle enough to keep Roger Archambault out of jail (Gossip Extra collage)

CLEARWATER — Who says friskiness is only for the young?

A 77-year-old Clearwater man (who clearly missed that memo) was left cooling his heels—and his libido—in the county jail early Saturday after acting out when his 72-year-old girlfriend rebuffed his advances.

Roger Archambault did not respond well to the rejection and—according to the police report—“took sex lube and squirted it all over” Carmen Reineck.

While not especially harmful in and of itself, the ludicrous attack was the very definition of adding insult to injury, as earlier in the day, Roger had “kicked the victim in her right thigh and grabbed her left hand, causing visible bruising” following a dispute over family matters, according to police.

Archambault had gone on to lock Reineck out of their home. When police arrived, he denied that he’d kicked his girlfriend. Police were skeptical, and arresting Officer Darginio noted in his report that Archambault was “under the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills.”

Archambault was arrested for battery, though it was anticipated that he would be released on his own recognizance. He will, however, be forced to wear an electronic alcohol monitor, which should hopefully limit further incidents of sex-lube-based violence.

Had Archambault turned his sexual weaponry on officers, the incident could have become considerably more tragic. Fortunately for all involved, cooler heads ultimately prevailed.

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