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DADDY’S BACK! Is O.J. Simpson Moving In With His Real Estate Mogul Kids?


DADDY’S BACK! Is O.J. Simpson Moving In With His Real Estate Mogul Kids?

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson will soon be heading home soon, but where is home going to be? (Nevada Parole Board pool/Splash News photo)

KENDALL — Upon his scheduled release from a Nevada prison sometime in October, fallen NFL star OJ Simpson said he’ll be headed back to Florida.

The Miami area, however, is increasingly becoming an unlikely destination for the former running back – despite the fact he lived in Kendall for seven years before his kidnaping and robbery conviction in Las Vegas.

Two of The Juice’s children became regular real estate moguls in the St. Petersburg area in the decade he’s spent in the slammer, according to Pinellas County records. And that’s been fueling the speculation they might have room for the man who was once accused of killing their mother, Nicole Brown Simpson, in 1994.

Under their names, Justin and Sydney Simpson, and the names of corporate entities, the Simpson kids have gathered a patchwork of low cost rental properties and homes worth a total of slightly less than $1 million mostly through shell corporations, property records show.

Their shopping spree started in last part of 2014 and continued through the spring, records show. Records also show they moved to the Gulf Coast shortly after their dad was sentenced to 33 years in a desert prison.

Justin, 28, who has a Florida real estate license, just paid $210,000 for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom Lakewood Estates property in St. Petersburg that he uses as his personal homestead.

His corporations, meanwhile, own a duplex on 38th Avenue Southeast, near downtown in the Lewis Island neighborhood. A corporation named A Socialite LLC spent $95,000 on the property in 2015.

Last year, Justin also bought a four-unit building on 13th Avenue South for $215,000.

As for Sydney, 31, her Simpsy LLC corporation seems to be doing quite well.

It owns five properties worth as little as $35,000 to as much as $61,000, for a total of $238,000.

She lives in home on Coquina Key that she bought in 2015 for $109,700, records show.

Most of the properties were bought with cold, hard cash, records show.

Neither Justin nor Sydney returned calls for comment.

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