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FLORIDUH Man Draws Samurai Sword and Threatens to Kill Drivers in Road Rage Incident!


FLORIDUH Man Draws Samurai Sword and Threatens to Kill Drivers in Road Rage Incident!

Daniel Seymour samurai

Daniel Seymour has been arrested for the most bizarre crime (Brooksville Police Department)

BROOKSVILLE — We all get angry sometimes in traffic, but 43-year-old Daniel Seymour takes it to a whole other level.

While driving in Brooksville, (near Spring Hill) on Tuesday, Seymour clearly took some sort of offense to the driving behavior of fellow motorists Adrian Rivera and Julian Rivera, two brothers in a nearby car.

Seymour—who reportedly was already upset from an argument he’d had with his wife—began brake-checking the Riveras, trying to force them to drive into his vehicle. Not content to leave his aggression at that, Seymour accompanied the action with a series of obscene hand gestures.

The Riveras were eventually able to get around and past Seymour at a later point when the road widened. This, however, only infuriated the crazed man more, leading him to speed up and deliberately ram the Riveras’ fender with the left front of his own vehicle.

samurai sword

Now, that’s a sword! (Brooksville Police Department)

The Riveras began to pull over after the impact but—rather than provide insurance information—Seymour elected to ram their vehicle from behind again.

Once the two cars finally pulled to the side of the road, Seymour “jumped out of his vehicle and approached [the Riveras] in an aggressive manner,” according to police. (Come on, surely you knew police would be involved before the end of this!)

The Rivera brothers told Seymour to back off, and for a brief moment, it appeared he may have been listening as he headed back to his car.

As it turns out, he just needed to get his samurai sword.

Seymour approached again, this time wielding a 25-inch blade taken from his back seat. He proceeded to wave the sword at the two brothers and threaten to kill them.

Police arrested the crazed road rager and charged him with both aggravated assault and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and—of course—reckless driving. He finished his fantastic voyage at Hernando County Jail, where he’s being held on a $24,500 bond.

Chump change for a samurai!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steven Soderman

    July 28, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    They have to be the only Hispanics in Florida without a firearm in the car. Fortunately for Samurai Stupid.

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