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The Bachelorette: Florida Doctor Meets the Parents to Less than Rave Reviews!


The Bachelorette: Florida Doctor Meets the Parents to Less than Rave Reviews!

Bryan Abasolo The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

There’s no denying that Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has strong feelings for Bryan Abasolo (via Instagram)

MIAMI — On yesterday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay introduced the final three bachelors to her family in Dallas, including Miami chiropractor Bryan Abasolo.

Let’s just say it wasn’t love at first sight.

Bryan, who seems to have a healthy self-esteem, said, “You only get one chance to make a first impression. I’m going in there with confidence, to show her family who I am, and I think they’ll definitely be impressed.”

Before hitting the family homestead, Bryan met two of Rachel’s BFFs, who had signed her up for the show. Lindsay didn’t mince words before the encounter.

“Let’s just be real: I thought he was a douchebag,” she said. “I really did. I was waiting for the charm to [wear] off and he was like: ‘Look, I’m not going to let you mess this up.’”

Bryan Abasolo The Bachelorette

Florida chiropractor Bryan Abasolo may win the girl on the Bachelorette, if he’s not too much of a douchebag! (via Instagram)

Though his charm won over the ladies, Rachel’s family was not exactly equally thrilled.

Playing the mom card, Bryan told them that he is very close to his mother. Rachel’s mom, Kathy, then turned the tables on him, asking him who he would choose if he had to decide between his mother and his potential future wife. Bryan seemed to begrudgingly admit that he would choose his wife.

Rachel seemed to sense the rising tension with the family.

“I was very excited to introduce Bryan to my family, but I felt like my excitement wasn’t reciprocated by my family,” she said. “I’m irritated at this point. The energy is totally different than it was the other two days with Peter and Eric.”

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has half a dozen reasons to smile like that! (via Instagram)

After Rachel admitted to her mother that her feelings for Bryan went beyond affection, her mother questioned her emotions.

“Love? Really? In this short amount of time?” said Kathy. “I’m really uncomfortable with the word love at this point.”

Rachel’s sister seemed equally unimpressed by the smooth-talking chiropractor.

“My gut is telling me Bryan is a charmer,” she said. “He’s direct and he’s open, but I don’t think there’s the sincerity factor in it. My guard was up.”

In the end, Bryan seemed to achieve some acceptance from Kathy.

“Because I trust her judgment, you have my blessing to take this initial love,” she said. “And just build on that.”

Now, it’s finally down to Rachel to choose and risk her mother’s eventual disapproval.

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