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Joy Corrigan and Gorgeous Gal Pals Rocky Barnes and Jenah Yamamoto Rock Miami Beach!


Joy Corrigan and Gorgeous Gal Pals Rocky Barnes and Jenah Yamamoto Rock Miami Beach!

Joy Corrigan gives librarian chic a good name! (Splash News photo)

MIAMI BEACH — Joy Corrigan once again graced Miami Beach with her lovely presence!

The 22-year-old model was spied frolicking freely on the beach Sunday, and seems to be making a habit of it. (She was there for a bikini shoot just last week!)

Corrigan rocked a skimpy bikini again, this time a gray one with a diamond print and bikini bottoms to match. As before, very little was left to the imagination!

It’s nothing new for Corrigan, who has posed for both Sports Illustrated and Playboy.

Move over Charlie’s Angels, Jenah Yamamoto, Rocky Barnes and Joy Corrigan are heaven sent! (Splash News photo)

Far from alone on her sun-drenched outing, Corrigan linked up with fellow model Rocky Barnes, 30, and tattooed travel photographer Jenah Yamamoto, 24.

Each of Corrigan’s gal-pals was also decked out in similarly revealing swimwear.

Barnes, who hails from Southern California, is every bit the beach girl that Corrigan is, and blogs about her travels and her work as a model.

Joy Corrigan and her gorgeous gal pals show off their best side! (Splash News photo)

Yamamoto also popularizes her travels, though her preferred medium is photography.

The two scantily-clad beach belles fashion themselves a pair of modern-day gypsies; each incorporates some version of the description in her online presence.

Also joining the party briefly was a fourth model, 22-year-old blonde bombshell Hailey Clauson!

One thing is certain: Summer of 2017 is turning up no shortage of beach-bound beauties in Miami Beach!

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