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Bianca Elouise and Natasha Oakley Share Love From Down Under on Miami Beach!


Bianca Elouise and Natasha Oakley Share Love From Down Under on Miami Beach!

Natasha Oakley Bianca Elouise

When it comes to bathing beauties, one is never enough! Natasha Oakley’s on the right, Bianca Elouise on the left (Instagram, Splash News photos)

MIAMI BEACH — This week, Miami Beach has played host to two high-profile Aussie ladies in revealing swimwear.

On Wednesday, 26-year-old swimsuit designer Bianca Elouise peddled her wares as her own best model, decked out in a skimpy black two-piece from her Myra Swim label. Bianca, who was spied on Miami Beach last month in a similar design, rounded out the minimal ensemble with some necklaces, hoop earrings and gold bracelets.

 Bianca Elouise

Bianca Elouise rocks one of her own designs (Splash News photo)

Also on the beach this week was Australian Instagram goddess Natasha Oakley. The internet beauty—also 26—stunned onlookers in a body-hugging red one-piece that left little to the imagination.

Natasha Oakley

We love lady in red Natasha Oakley! (via Instagram)

Natasha’s long blonde hair was pulled into a bun as she frolicked and struck poses in both the surf and turf.

Bianca and Natasha have a lot of common. In addition to being the same age, hailing from the land down under and sharing a penchant for large black sunglasses, the two Aussie stunners both allowed themselves to be lured out to the beach on the infamous Miami Swim Week.

To be sure, the fashion-centric event is more of a draw for Bianca, whose Myra Swim line killed at the runway show last year. The posh swimwear has been worn by the likes of Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and model Emily Ratajkowski (another 26-year-old!).

Bianca Elouise

No wonder stars love Bianca Elouise’s suits! (Splash News photo)

“I started in 2014 with a really small collection aimed at women like me—women with a butt, with cleavage and a small waist,” Bianca said of the line. “My aim has always been the same—I make bikinis and swimsuits for real women’s bodies.”

In that much, at least, she differs from Natasha, whose decidedly unreal body just won her a new gig as the face of the legendary underwear brand Bonds Australia.

Natasha Oakley

It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it! (via Instagram)

Natasha first announced her new role on her Instagram account via a photo showing her kicking back in a sexy pose in a salon chair while wearing one of the company’s underwear sets. A pair of male stylists was also pictured touching up her makeup and hair.

“So excited to be the new face of Australia’s most iconic underwear brand,” Natasha proclaimed in the photo’s caption.

We’ve come a long way from the days of Paul Hogan and Jacko.

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