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Monkeys Invade Ocala Man’s Backyard!


Monkeys Invade Ocala Man’s Backyard!

rhesus monkey ocala

Rhesus monkeys have invaded an Ocala man’s backyard (Special to Gossip Extra)

OCALA — It’s starting to look like the Planet of the Apes in one Florida man’s backyard!

Ocala resident Brian Pritchard set up cameras to capture deer eating out of feeders he placed in his backyard. But when he looked at the pictures there were no deer, only rhesus monkeys!

Over 50 monkeys, likely from nearby Silver Springs State Park, ate a whopping 250 lbs of food from the man’s feeder over the course of a few days.

Pritchard lives four miles from the Silver Springs park where as many as 200 monkeys make their home. Two areas of the park have recently been shut down because of the growing number of primates. And, earlier this month the monkeys were caught on video harassing a family at the park.

It’s said the monkeys are descended from the monkeys used to film Tarzan and his Son! in 1939, but it’s just as likely the primates were mistakenly brought to the area by a man who meant to import squirrel monkeys to make his riverboat tours seem more exotic.

How Florida!

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