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Busy Florida Mom Stays Stunning Using Her Kids As Weights In Her Workouts!


Busy Florida Mom Stays Stunning Using Her Kids As Weights In Her Workouts!

Florida mom Charity LeBlanc

Charity LeBlanc proves that mothers always have time to work out! (via Instagram)

CLEARWATER — It can be hard to find time to do the things you need to do when you have young kids. Florida mom Charity LeBlanc found a novel way to make time for her workouts: Incorporate the kids into them!

LeBlanc, 28, uses her daughter and son as everything from weights to her own personal cheerleaders as she soldiers through her workout routine, and she credits the inventive exercise regimen with getting her back to her pre-baby levels of fitness.

She does push-ups and squats with laughing kids on her back for weights and pull-ups with kids wrapped up in her legs. She finds applications for her son and daughter in pretty much all standard exercises, often to their delight.

Occasionally, though, the kids take some convincing.

“Most of the time they are happy to work out,” Charity said, “but sometimes it takes a little coaxing!”

Charity’s fitness escapades aren’t limited to the privacy of her home; she shares videos of her creative workouts on Instagram for her 270,000 followers. Her husband, Andre LeBlanc, has even gotten in on the act, helping Charity to produce family yoga videos in Clearwater.

Florida mom Charity LeBlanc

Now that’s working together! (via Instagram)

“I have been doing yoga for about five years,” Charity explained, “and have always taken care of my body.”

Yoga with the kids was how it all began for the LeBlancs.

“I started with yoga as a gentle way to ease back into fitness and they have always been by my side,” Charity said.

In addition to boosting her own health and drawing an Instagram crowd, Charity hopes that the workouts also serve to form good habits for her children and encourage them to live a life of fitness as well. After all, it worked for her growing up!

“My mother has always been fit so I grew up watching her and now I try to stay healthy and lean as I raise my kids,” Charity said. “I wish for [my kids] to take good care of their body too; a healthy body creates a healthy mind, confidence and just overall happiness!”

Florida mom Charity LeBlanc

Charity LeBlanc incorporates her children in her fitness routine! (via Instagram)

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