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Blac Chyna’s Ex Pilot Jones Set to Spill Secrets on Miami Reality Show!


Blac Chyna’s Ex Pilot Jones Set to Spill Secrets on Miami Reality Show!

Well, it’s clear why Blac Chyna likes Pilot Jones! (via Instagram)

MIAMI — Pilot Jones, Blac Chyna’s alleged side piece during the debacle between her and Rob Kardashian, has reportedly signed on to The A-List: Miami, a Logo spinoff of The A-List: New York, the gay version of the Real Housewives.

Jones, who was threatened by Kardashian after images surfaced of him making out with Chyna, has moved to Miami where he has been reportedly filming the show. He apparently doesn’t hold back when it comes to discussing his fling with Chyna. There are even rumors that he’s attempted to get Kardashian and Chyna to make a cameo appearance on the series to discuss the hookup photos.

Police are reportedly investigating the hostile texts sent to Jones by Kardashian, where he warned the singer, “Leave my wife alone. I’m not playing with you.” Kardashian had also allegedly sent a series of racist and homophobic texts after images of Jones and Chyna appeared. Chyna denies any recent involvement, stating that the pictures were taken years ago to help Jones make an ex jealous.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna before everything got crazy (Splash News photo)

Jones has also allegedly suggested that he might be the father of Chyna’s baby, Dream Kardashian, and may have even considered demanding a DNA test. Chyna denies these allegations, stating that Jones is gay and has tried to extort her.

Sources have stated that Jones is actually bisexual and that he did in fact maintain a relationship with Chyna and could very well be the baby’s father, even though a paternity test was conducted on Kardashian and Chyna’s reality show, revealing that he was in fact the father.

Pilot Jones Blac Chyna

Big girl, big drama (Splash News photo)

Yesterday, Kardashian went on a social media rampage, posting explicit pictures of Chyna on Instagram. His account was suspended shortly afterwards. Chyna, meanwhile, claimed on Snapchat that Kardashian had been physically abusive.

Kardashian, who may face criminal charges under California’s “revenge porn’ laws, has been lambasted by victim’s rights advocates.

Blac Chyna, everyone’s fighting over her (Splash News photo)

Angela Rose, executive director of PAVE (Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment), stated, “Rob Kardashian’s behavior of posting nude photos of Chyna without her consent is classic revenge porn. Being unfaithful merits no justification for this. Even though these images have been deleted from his personal account, it is virtually impossible to ensure that they are deleted from all of cyberspace and this can have a devastating effect on her longterm.”

As for Jones, he posted new music on Instagram yesterday with a veiled message for Chyna saying, “I’m sure most of you guys can relate to needing or not having closure on at least one situation in your life! (I KNOW I’m not the only one!) I was just trying to turn my poison into my own medicine, but let me know what you guys think….”

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