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EXCLUSIVE — Russian Hookers Hard At Work AT PGA NATIONAL!


EXCLUSIVE — Russian Hookers Hard At Work AT PGA NATIONAL!

Olena Kravchenko

Russian hookers at PGA National? Olena Kravchenko could be one of several ladies allegedly servicing men from homes inside PGA National (PBSO photo)

PALM BEACH GARDENS — Russian hookers are believed to be receiving clients in several homes in a fancy suburban Palm Beach Gardens golf community in PGA National, Gossip Extra has learned.

So far, one woman was charged with solicitation of prostitution after she was arrested at home at the Golf Villas section of the famous development, but more arrests could be coming soon, according to a law enforcement source.

The fuzz found the suspect through an online ad and noticed a steady stream of men coming in and out of her house. When an undercover detective rang, she allegedly wore a negligee that exposed her breasts and vagina when she opened the door. And she allegedly said she charges a paralegal’s wages: $200 an hour!

The incident, which hints of a serious prostitution problem at PGA National, has embarrassed the law-challenged Palm Beach Gardens Police. Red-faced police officials have been desperate to keep the arrest in one of the city’s prized neighborhoods under wraps.

Police actually refused to abide with the Florida Statute that governs the release of information and failed to surrender their file to Gossip Extra after changing their story twice on whether the investigation is on-going or closed.

Golf Villas at PGA National

The Golf Villas at PGA National, the home of duffers and their hookers? (MLS photo)

Since we never take “no” for an answer, we still got a hold of some papers through less official sources, and they make it clear that the story surrounding 45-year-old Olena Kravchenko should give residents pause.

Kravchenko was picked up in May at her home at 511 Brackenwood Place.

Ooops, another story that West Palm Beach’s corporate media missed while covering the opening of a new Wawa. Isn’t it time you, too, #dropthepaper and click here to subscribe to our daily news alerts?

The paperwork says the arrest was part of a “prostitution operation linked to several complaints of strange comings and goings in the Prestwick Chase” section of the sprawling development.

But for some reason, cops zoomed in on Kravchenko in an adjacent section after spotting her ad in, a hookup website.

The undercover assigned to entering Kravchenko’s house explains in the paperwork he went to her house after a brief exchange of text messages where she allegedly wrote she charges $200 an hour.

Kravchenko was described as wearing “an all blue laced night gown with her breast and vagina exposed.”

She’s due in court later this month.

Kravchenko’s ad is no longer running, and she couldn’t be contacted at the number she advertised.



  1. 1Ronald

    July 4, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    You couldn’t pay me. Really. What a dog. All Russian girls I’m with are hotties. And they way they say “I’m Russsssssian.” Didn’t know they still had ’em over there that looked like ditch diggers. No clearly defined chin. Her neck merges into her chin. And we have a joke. I say they’re all named Olga. Then I hear back “I thought it was Natasha.” And remember when the Russian Mafia had Sunny Isles? Goes to show you can clean sweep any area to make it better. Now, waiting on Overton and Liberty City. Not holding my breath.

  2. Harry Piels

    July 5, 2017 at 1:41 am

    So long as sex involves two consenting adults, who cares if it involves money? What a waste of police time and taxpayer money.

  3. James McMahon

    July 8, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    HAHA This is a gossip extra report. Anything they write is a half truth at best! They should face consequences for their actions of falsely reporting, non factual reporting, and the destruction of lives. I think that everyone needs to dig up some real true dirt of the Jose Lambiet, his family, friends, or anyone he associated with. The dude is a fraud and has ruined the lives of many good people I know. He’s washed up garbage making money off of causing chaos and drama in the lives of some innocent people. don’t get me wrong some of his crap is true but NO different than what anyone else is reporting. Shame shame on you #gossipextra #joselambiet.

    I think it’s time the people take action and make a few websites about Mr Jose Lambiet. #joselambietisafraud He needs exposed before he hurts the lives of more families, business owners, and most of all the innocent children of these people. It’s disgusting what some people will do for money. Sell your soul over and over Jose.

  4. palm

    July 10, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Russian hookers live above Bucann. And all over palm beach police station. As a former resident lawyer and pretty wasp correct corruption exists. Smear honest people to trail away.

  5. Citizen of my country

    July 24, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    This poor women had all over her body brusses after 4 officers were arest her only for what she said that she charge $200 on hour in text massages?? She never said about the sex will be involves.. And the police has nothing on her and yes them avidens been changed a lot lately.. To cover themselves for sure.She is American citizen who paid her tax and never been arested .
    She used to live in same community on the same address for 6 years . And she not Russian eser ..haha. I only one from 4 people she trust and If something hapends with her or one more time the police will be coming around her friends and family harrasing her and explain everybody around for what she was arested !You know why ? Because they dont have nothing on her !
    We all will be senting all over tv chanels the pictures with time and date after they capt her in jail 28hours even her bail was paid twice. For some risen they do not let her go from Jail! We all have her brussed and all avidens pictures and harassment from police and torturing her ! The packages ready sent from all 4 of us .. Personally I come to court to be a witness as the officer came to me and ask me who I am? Ask my ID ..I told she is my friend , he tld what she is doing and how she was arested .. I had no idia .. I came on that moment help to see how much stuff she still have to move out from her old address at prestwick chase in PGA National .Her landlord told they want to sell the place so she found other place a little bit eayer then she has to moved to be able pack everything.. close by were she was arested . She has a lot of avidence on police officers who arest her, pictures and witnesses. She told her atorney hold on as well .She plea not guilty and ready to go to triel. She try do a right thing not hard anyone ! Police or neghborhood were she used to live 6 years . One more publishing like this were not even half true about and her friends and she will be act and take this Joes whatever who he is to court as well. We ware..
    P.S. sorry for my mistakes . my glasses broken .

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