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COPS: Fort Lauderdale Kids Steal Porsche, $200K And Buy Teeth!


COPS: Fort Lauderdale Kids Steal Porsche, $200K And Buy Teeth!

Shomari Smith kids steal porsche

Shomari Smith, 14 (Splash News photo)

FORT LAUDERDALE — A ragtag group of petty teen criminals from Fort Lauderdale pulled off an audacious heist in April, coming away with a Porsche worth $55,000, cash in the amount of $200,000 and 2 guns, according to cops.

The teens are just now facing the music.

The perpetrators were identified as Michael Bush, 14;  Walter Walker, 16; Shomari Smith, 14; Jeremiah Laplace, 15;  Rural Scott, 15; and Joshua Sargeant, 14.

Michael Bush kids steal porsche

Michael Bush, 14 (Splash News photo)

The teens were all arrested on other charges of grand theft and armed burglary, but confessed to the April robbery of the affluent Marina Drive residence on North Hutchinson Island while in the custody of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.

All, that is, except Scott and Sargeant.

Rural Scott kids steal porsche

Rural Scott, 15 (Splash News photo)

Scott—who was already fitted with an ankle monitor in April—admits to being present for the Marina Drive theft and being a passenger in the stolen Porsche, but denies actually entering the home and taking part in the crime, telling his friends he’d “already been through this.”

Sargeant, on the other hand, simply wouldn’t confess, despite his friends implicating him.

Joshua Sargeant kids steal porsche

Joshua Sargeant, 14 (Splash News photo)

It was Sargeant—who, according to the police report, “thinks he’s Scarface”—that took the 2 handguns from a table in the living room. (Since one of the pistols was loaded, it can be safely concluded that the teens were lucky that the homeowner wasn’t present at the time of their incursion.)

The whole episode stands as further evidence of the double standards of a society that nurtures kids on a diet of Grand Theft Auto, gangsta rap and “cash is king” mentality, but somehow expects them to resist those lessons and not try to take anything for themselves.

Walter Walker kids steal porsche

Walter Walker, 16 (Splash News photo)

The young brigands came by the $200,000 by stealing a safe that Bush found in the residence and prying it open later with a crowbar. The safe was found empty several days later, as was the Porsche, which was recovered in Delray Beach with the keys inside.

Jeremiah Laplace kids steal porsche

Jeremiah Laplace, 15 (Splash News photo)

Laplace—who must have taken most of his portion of the heist in cash—in particular failed to keep a low profile, purchasing (i) a Mercedes C300, (ii) a Dodge Challenger Helicat for his mother and (iii) gold in the forms of a chain, a bracelet and even teeth.

To top it off, he gave his mother (clearly not parent-of-the-year for questioning none of this) $40,000.

According to police, the teens have pulled similar jobs in Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

They appear to have overreached, as all are now in St. Lucie County Jail.

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  1. 1Ronald

    June 29, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    My God. How’d you like to see that in your 911 Turbo? Let alone driving it. To those of us who appreciate and know a fine ride nothing less than life imprisonment would be fair. Now, granted $55,000 is on the low end, but a Porsche is a Porsche. Even if you’re just getting started. Yes, even the parents are in it for any and everything they can get. But how do you skirt Federal laws that prohibit high end vehicle purchases for cash? Normally the car dealer is looking at some serious jail time. And we all know they knew it shouldn’t be done. And that Dodge is not a chopper. Try Hellcat. Not Helicat. The car dealer, the car salesman, belong in jail with these thugs. Easy money is not that easy. And how do they even get into the neighborhood? Is everyone who lives there blind?

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